Polanski - Why the fuss?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cursedveggie, Sep 27, 2009.

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  1. Roman Polanski has been arrested in Zurich

    BBC Link

    What I cannot understand is why there is all the controversy over Roman Polanski's arrest.

    He is a convicted peadophile who fled from justice before being sentenced and is now trying to use his family as an excuse not to be extradited.

    He should be immediatley flown back to the USA to face all the charges under the same conditions as any other sex offender and be given the same treatment

    Eddited because I have fat fingers and can't type :oops:
  2. Talk about coincidence but ROMAN Polanski has been arrested too. Same place same offence, how wierd is that?
  3. Probably; I don't know the details.

    He survived the Krakow ghetto; the "Walk, don't run" instruction in 'The Pianist' was advice originally given to Polanski. His mother died in a concentration camp. His pregnant wife was horribly murdered by Charles Manson in 1967. Read his Wikipedia page.

    One would be surprosed if he wasn't a little mentally unstable.
  4. Especially when you read this (court transcript).

    Warning, graphic nature, hence link is NSFW.
  5. If you think that's graphic wait till you read what's going to happen to Polanski's bum in jail :twisted:
  6. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Whats the fuss? Maybe because 30 odd years ago he was considered a pedo? And under today's New Labour purge of anyone going nowhere near children he would probably be labelled something worse than Harold Shipman. If he was living here of course.
  7. Aye, and he won't have the champagne and qualudes to take the edge off the pain :wink:
  8. At 76 years old it will be interesting just what the justice department do next.

    After 31 years it just shows you, no one can escape the long arm of the law.
  9. While I can understand why his victim wants this whole thing to come to an end (not least because she gets assailed by the media every time some development occurs), isn't the problem that Polanski made a plea bargain and did a runner before he could be sentenced?

    If that's the case, then the US authorities are still going to want to stick him in front of a court so that the second part of the plea bargaining process - sentence - can be carried out.
  10. Crime is a lot more than perpetrator + victim. Simply put, Polanski owes time!

    Compare this with the number of poor sods doing >2o years in seppo prisons for doing a lot less.

    Burn him I say!
  11. Anyone remember Alfie?
  12. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I think that's right. My understanding is that Polanski's legal team got word that the judge - who had political ambitions - was going to renege on the plea bargain.

    But it's still very difficult to sympathise with someone who forcibly sodomises a 13 year old.
  13. My bold - Having plied her with alcohol first :evil: Talented he may be, but it's not a get out of jail card. It's never too late to face the consequences of such an act. Apparently the lady is now 40 years old and would prefer the matter to be left, however the American police feel that this was not a one off circumstance with under age girls.