Poland tries to create own anti-missile system


Following the US decision to scrap the anti-missile shied in central Europe, Poland’s state owned arms manufacturer Bumar has proposed an alternative anti-missile “protective umbrella” for the region.

According to Bumar, the “Polish shield” project - in development for a few years - would consist of three layers. The first would be constructed around the Polish designed surface-to-air GROM (thunder) portable missiles system, with a range of 4 to 6 kilometres.

The second and third layer would give defence range capabilities of 20 and 200 kilometres. The project would be based on Polish radar and command systems as well as Aster 30 rockets built by the French based Eurosam consortium.

“We are capable of designing protective umbrellas not only for Poland but also neighbouring countries, too” claims Edward E. Nowak, the president of Bumar. According to the Rzeczpospolita newspaper, he has already presented Defense Minister Bogdan Klich with details of the project.
ASTER 30 could provide a good theatre level anti TBM capability. The French have mooted an ASTER 45 variant that would give a genuine ABM capability.

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