Poland to take over eastern province in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Jan 9, 2008.

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  1. http://www.thepeninsulaqatar.com/Display_news.asp?section=World_News&subsection=Pakistan+%26+Sub%2DContinent&month=January2008&file=World_News2008011011952.xml

    Poland nod for more troops in Afghanistan
    Web posted at: 1/10/2008 1:19:52
    Source ::: REUTERS
    WARSAW • Poland has reached a preliminary agreement with NATO partners on expanding its role in Afghanistan by taking over command of an eastern province, Poland's defence minister said.

    Defence Minister Bogdan Klich said he hoped to seal the deal in talks with US Defence Secretary Robert Gates in Washington next week.

    "(The) Americans know we would like to boost our mission's visibility in Afghanistan by taking responsibility for a province under ISAF's jurisdiction," Klich told Reuters in an interview.

    "We have just finished the first round of negotiations on this with NATO. My talks with Defence Secretary Gates would actually only aim to seal the proposal we have been made (by NATO in response to Polish requests)."

    More on the link
  2. It's good to see some members of NATO doing something! If only others would take notice?
  3. I served with many sons of Poles who had come to Britain in 39-45 and invariably they where good men who had been brought up with Brit values backed by strong Polish traditions.
    Lot of time for Poles.
  4. More good news about the Poles. You can't help but like them.

  5. Perhaps more guts than the Krauts, maybe they are shaping up for a re-match, with the Bosch playing at home this time???

  6. I grew up in Scotland and went to school with the sons and daughters of Poles who stayed after WW2.

    Seconded on my bold. Top notch guys and girls most of them.
  7. Thirded. Strong work ethic, at least the one's I've met. :)
  8. There are lots of Poles where I live. All they want to do is go to work, work hard come home and drink their Polish beers at home. Good blokes I reckon, better than the fucking natives here anyway! Sounds like their armed forces are the same. I'll raise a pint to the Poles!
  9. Well, I live in Ypres and The Polish 1st Armoured Brigade under General Maczek, liberated Ypres on the 6th September 1944. They fought the SS to a standstill here and drew much respect from the Brits and Canadians also! They won't let us down, that I'm sure! :wink:
  10. Great People, even if a little racist. Why doesn't the British Army try to recruit a Polish division like they did in WW2. Never met a Polish chav either.
  11. Tytus, That sounds like a plan. MOD manning problems cured in about a month
  12. Never served with their soldiers, but I've sparred with Poles at Vale Tudo, and they are fcuking Nails.

    They hit hard, but they never complain if you return fire. Every nation has it's wastes of blood and organs, but the vast majority of Poles I've met so far do not fall into that catogary.

    IIRC, the Polish SF unit called GROM has a good reputation.
  13. I hear the plan is to move in Polish civpop. Apply for jobs on minimum wage. Corner the market of cheap labour until the Afghans are eventually so hacked off they kill all the Taliban so the Polish will bugger off.

    Good Plan.

    Is this an example of a relatively small "NATO player" setting the example for The Frogs and The box heads etc.
  14. It's nice to know we can rely upon the Poles. Unlike our other European allies, Poland has stepped up when it comes to both Iraq and Afghanistan. As an Eastern European member of the EU and Nato they're keen to demonstrate they belong in the West and their membership in Nato is one way to ensure this.
  15. Poland to take over eastern province in Afghanistan

    After that it's the whole of Afghanistan.....then the World....I mean we've already overan the UK....and didnt fire a shot....

    Muuuuuuuuuuahahahahaha :lol: