Poland. Look what youve brought on yourself...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, Nov 5, 2008.

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  2. A nice house warming gift for President Elect Obama too :D
  3. Bush continues to warm the seat for the next couple of months.
  4. Indeed, but I don't think President Elect Obama will spend the months running up to inauguration playing hoops. I would imagine he'll be sitting in on one or two meetings. Happy to be corrected though.
  5. Don't suppose the Poles mind a bit, they are all living in Slough!!
  6. US = defensive missile that, due to the pesky laws of physics, couldn't intercept Russian missile.

    Russia = offensive missile intended to strike a peaceful neighbour.

    And he wants to extend his term as well?! I think it's all falling into place.
  7. How dare they decide what to do within thier own borders whatever next democratic elections? a free market economy? Hell in a handbasket i tell you
  8. Oh yes, and lets not forget he was so brave that he decided to announce all this on the one day of the year no one would be paying attension. Like a cheap school bully who dare not do anything until teacher steps out of the classroom.
  9. Medvedev, he has the bombs but not the balls.
  10. This assumes that Russia had removed it's SRM capability from Konigsberg in the first place??

    I was up in that part of the world in the middle 90's, and it was still very much a Military enclave then.
  11. "Peaceful"??? They did provide forces to a military offeensive that launched an invasion against Iraq. What had Iraq done to Poland to warrant that?

    Now, moving away from your deliberate attempt to cast this as a simple good v bad scenario, ask yourself whether Russia would be relocating their own missiles within their own territory in this manner if the Poles had not agreed to the US missiles being based in Poland?

    Your comments are, for the large part, accurate. But miss the point somewhat and deliberately try to reshape the argument into something you feel more comfortable with. This is NOT about whether the missiles are defensive or offensive by nature, but whether Poland has now, through it's own policy choices, put itself at greater risk than before? Discuss.
  12. Disingenuous, whitecity. As usual.
  13. So this is an argument in which the real world on the purpose of these missiles is of no importance? Very convenient. If Herr Putin decreed that foreign Vodka producers were a mortal threat to Russia, would I be endangering UK security if I built one? Maybe, but that wouldn't be the point, the point would be the lunacy of the Russian threat.

    And I note that the death of Russian democracy goes unlamented by you. It's made all the more tragic given the display we've just seen over the Atlantic.
  14. How about:- Did Russia's Military Adventurers in the Caucasus affect Policy decisions in Eastern European States? Discuss.

    Only fair :)
  15. Now let's look at this from another angle:

    American missiles in Polland could be supplied with nuclear warheads within few minutes and freely reach Moscow. What kind of missiles will be deployed in Poland? Even Poles are not allowed to know exact details.

    So from point of view of Moscow American missiles are potentially strategical ones.

    By contrast Iscander-E missiles has only 290km range and are unable to hit any strategic object. So they are tactical missiles to counter future threat.