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Discussion in 'RLC' started by andypaddock, Jul 26, 2010.

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  1. If anyone would be kind enough to supply the postcode (or lat & long) of their units POL point and a brief description of the Access (24 hrs, key at Gd Rm etc)

    I would appreciate it.

    POL Points so Far:

    South Cerney
    Blandford Camp
    RAF Lyneham
  2. POL Point? Policy Point? WTF are you on about Andy? Do you mean MTFI's? POL Points are sooooo cold war, doncherno?

    There's one at BFPO39 that's sometimes open, sometimes not. It provides the following services:

    Stories about the SAS.
    Stories about the RBL.
    The chance to see a real life genuine 'Who Dares Wins' Tattoo completed in indian ink with the school compass.
    The chance to sample some of the foulest breath ever exhaled by a human being.
    The experience of signing an '825' in an environment sponsored by Lambert and Butler.
    The chance to meet the inspiration for half of Terry Pratchetts characters.
  3. Forgot to add:

    1. What do you want them for?
    2. If it's a genuine reason I maybe prepared to give you the entire list for Germany and contacts for UK via official means. PM if required.
  4. In a previous thread I have identified my obvious shortcomings when it comes to matters RLC (being AD and E2) so I must apologies to any that I have offended with my unthinking use of the term "POL".

    Could you be so kind as to send me a google maps link to the MTFI (google not to good with BFPO's)

    Do you think if I ask for assistance with an "MTFI Maps Page" more people may bother their arrse and assist?
  5. Probably not

    Can't assist with google I'm afraid and I don't have their opening times but I know exactly where they all are - even the naughty ones!!! Why on earth do you want this info. I have to have it for the job, but you seem to be doing this for some sort of weird reason. Are you a weirdo Andy? Are you? Do you like to play with F54 whilst wearing a Jackson suit? Do you Andy? Are you an F54 pervert. Oh suits you sir, suits you.
  6. I think I've sent you a PM but not sure
  7. I understand what you are doing, but to be fair whenever i go out, whether its a civvy car or effing big truck its Agency Cards all the way. Learnt the hard way of driving to a supposedly 24hr MTFI only to be fucked off at 10 at night.
  8. If this is an official project then why not go through the official channels. I'm guessing that the Inspectorate teams both in 101 and 102 would be a good starter for 10 seeing as they ensure that all regulations are met and ultimately licensed along with DFG. All this information as BPS666 stated is known so why start it again. Surely a phonecall to the correct people would be easier and and more secure than posting on Arrse.
  9. RibbleRaver - You know far too much and your ISP has been logged. Don't bother ringing the Inspectyourpants. The lazy barstewards are never in! I have runged the chief of inspectyourpants at 102 and he's a right unhelpful **** so I would suggest ringing elsewhere in that respect. (PERSEC prevents me from naming and shaming the big fat, elephant eared, no mark - but he really is a right **** and it's a waste of dialling finger skin)

  10. Run by the legendary "Geoff the breath" perchance BPS?
  11. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Nick a fuel card! It works for Bohs_Man.
  12. Quiet you!
  13. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Touched a nerve?
  14. Begone foul creature of the night,begone to the Naafi Bar!