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Namaste. Hope I got that right or presumably it's all lost!

First up - I'm a loggie loitering with intent on your forum. Please forgive me!

Second - Can anyone please tell me how to get in touch with the Gurkha Training/Recruitment centre in Pokhara? I'm not even sure of it's correct title, but recall seeing in article in Soldier mag recently. I am in the early stages of sorting out an Army Paragliding Team Exped to the area (hopefully in early 2008) and would like to scope out the chances of using the facilities there. Any pointers will be gratefully received - thank you.

I'm conscious of security and would not wish names to be placed on the open net, so I'd be grateful if you'd PM me if you have exact details/wish to check out my own credibility first.
Before approaching HG BG in netheravon camp (go through local military operator) for POCs in Nepal/or possible help, check with your local Div RO/SO1/2 G3PAT.
Get an update on what areas (if any) are cleared for AT expeds now post peace deal ( bear in mind crime rates will be rising, as they do in many post conflict countries).
check also on any political/diplomatic clearance issues, such as lead off.

Unless you have someone from the brigade on the trip who has personal connections/favours owed, you'll probably not have much luck with pokhara camp especially if your trip coincides with the tail end of the recruiting period or conflict with duty treks. It is a very small set up and not funded/organised to look after AT expeds, just lots and lots of potential gurkhas!

better bet is to look for a local trekking company that has supported paragliding expeditions before- with the level that tourism has dropped, you'll likely get a bargain and also help the local economy. Ask again Div G3 PAT for any PXR feedback on good companies to use- if he doesn't know, his counter part in another Div might know

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