Pokey Drill

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by RHODESIAN, Jul 23, 2006.

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  1. I can remember doing a bit of Pokey drill as a recruit when I joined up in 1973 with my SLR but can anyone tell me if there was an actual set list of exercises and movements or was it all just made up as you went along,thanks for any help as I have just got a set of Indian clubs and fancy having another go at it.
  2. You monster!
  3. Think you mean poker drill, & yes there is a set list of exercises for poker drill, it is located in the back of the Rifle pam for the old A1 but not sure if its in the new pam or not. i think is now called rifle strengthening exercises.

    My old unit used to do it as part of the PT schedule for recruit training when they did not have a PT available for the weekend. they would only let Skill At Arms (SAA) instructors teach it has well.

    hope that helps cheers watto

  4. Well I lead a quiet life!!

  5. Thanks watto135 but I am pretty certain it was Pokey drill and yes we did at at SAA
  6. Pokey drill ah yes. Remember it well, and my muscles still ache at the thought of it 50 years on. 8.8 pounds unloaded weight was the Lee Enfield Number 1 Mark 4.
    It soon started to feel like 88 bloody pounds as the drills continued. Still all part of man building eh! First did pokey drill as a 15 year old boy soldier with the Infantry Boy's Battalion when they had just stopped tying us to wagon wheels as No 1 punishment. LOL
  7. Poker drill? This ain't 888.com ffs!

    I remember it well. So do my achilles tendons and fallen arches.
  8. Wahey, that makes two us! We should form a club :lol:

    I remember hearing it was banned. Never saved us though :crying: Was a particular favourite after field inspections.

    Are we getting confused between rifle strengthening exercises and getting thrashed at drill though?
  9. Yeah but its called rifle Dexterity drill and theirs set exercise’s in the Pam, its all good fun :twisted: and improves your shooting because it strengthens the muscles used in holding the rifle in the firing position, also good for those mongs that don’t even have the strength to make ready. :x
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  10. Pokey Drill: That brings back memories. We had a huge Fijian CSgt in the 80s who would abuse us as we did pokey drill with SLRs and he did the drills with a GPMG!
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  11. As far as I recall there was no set list, it just involved holding the pistol grip of the SLR(smiles nostalgically) and pointing it at arms length as if it were a pistol until your arms shake uncontrolably, people around you start to weep and call for their long dead mothers......I shall have nightmares tonight!
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  12. Rotating the weapon from hand, passing it around the back, holding at arms length when holding the stock, butt and flash hider (that hurt!) and just about anything else you could mange to develop wrist/forearm and shoulder strength - it was a particularly good exercise when deployed or away from barracks and often a great means of competition.
  13. Thanks lads,it was good stuff and as for the CSgt doing it with a 22lb GPMG,chuffing hell I wouldn't like to get a slap from him
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  14. Pokey drill...Good God, I'd forgotten all about that. What sadistic barsteward dreampt up that baby? I can honestly say that I was nearly in tears once or twice.
  15. fcuk me he must of been huge, could he do all the drills, including holding the muzzle with on hand and holding it parallel with the ground at arms length