Pokey Bum W4nk Part 2

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Furryturd, Sep 18, 2006.

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  1. A friend has recently lost his arm....careless you may say, but we were wondering what the greatest loss may be?

    Can you imagine the horror of never being able to give yourself a pokey bum w4ank again?

    I mean what a shame to never feel your pulse through your hoop as you feverishly rip one out and make Dolly sick.

    What would be your great amputation loss?
  2. Cock.

    No wanking full stop if that happened.

    That or both arms.
  3. Flying helicopters on the dancefloor not as effective with just one blade!!
  4. Imagine though if you will. You and your bezzer on the dance floor. The Apache (you) 'flies' into the dance floor whilst the Chally 2 (your mate) clears the ground.

    I think it may even be doctrine?

    Edited to add: NB this refers to the previous post re helicopter dancing.
  5. I'd learn to use my feet if I lost my arms, only so i dont get unfeasibly large testicles you understand
  6. Good thinking that man!! Will have to try that out at the weekend!!
  7. Furryturd, you forget that Stumpy is off to get a prostesis next week . . now there's a thought! I expect he'll be stopping in at Ann Summers for a range of accessories to be fitted.

    Besides, the door to the Proctologist is just next door to the one for Prostesis so he might just pop in for a last sample from a professional.

    So the the question becomes . . . what would you have fitted on the end of your stump as a replacement?
  8. A fricking lazer!

    no wait.... a pulsating pussy (not a wobbly cat)
  9. Do you think that's a bit of a wind up, the article in the Telegraph I mean? The Doctors name is Dr Weilie Hu (Weally who) FFS !!
  10. don't have to think m8, already happened, lost me arm too,
    thing is i've built up the muscle now so it dosn't ache when i knock one out! insatead of waiting for the cramp to subside.
  11. gettihg sorted in Amsterdam then eh? (a pross thee tick)