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POKER NIGHT tips and advice

I've been pinged to run a poker night.

What are the basic requirements etc for a successful poker night

Obviously adequate seating and a range of booze are in place.

But does anyone have any other tips for a very amature poker night?

It'll be about the event rather than the money

Any advice gratefully received
Crisps and snacks, I want crisps and snacks. You have a nice set of cards and chips? You'll need those. Loads of ice for the drinks, can't have warm vodka now, can we. If you're pump at shuffling cards, you can get those automatic shufflers.
have a sneaky roulette table nearby to keep peeps in the mood for throwing cash away while they are waiting to join poker table!
Playing with proper chips, dealer, big blind and small blind markers will make the evening a lot better than people just sitting round with a random pack of cards and make do rubbish.

Also, if you're going for it properly, have a clock/stop watch handy so that you can increase the big blinds at set intervals. That avoids the more un-sober people arguing as to whether or not the big blinds should be increased.
Unless of course you increased the blinds every 5/6 hands or so......entirely up to all who are playing to decide really.

Apart from that....as mentioned above, lots of drinks and snacks!

An attractive dolly bird to service the players with said drinks and snacks is obviously an added bonus

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