Pointy Heads - Topic may offend!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Harry_Boomers, Feb 20, 2006.

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  1. Drove to Cardiff this Saturday and experienced pain, anger and Joy!

    Pain – Toll fee to cross into Taffland, in a small Peugeot partner van £9.80 that’s nearly 4 pints of Beer! You thieving cnuts

    Anger – Whilst talking to an Ignorant pointy headed Welsh Barman the subject of the toll fee comes up “ Well its free to leave!” says he. "Cnut" says I.

    Joy – Mrs Boomers pointing at the Road markings “ Why do the RAF have their own road lane?” Classic!

    Now the point of this thread is who are the most pointy headed in this fair land of ours? My top 3 are

    1. The Cornish
    2. The Welsh
    3. Locals from Weston-Super-Mare!
  2. daz

    daz LE

    Erhhhhhhh, you don't pay to get into wales, you pay to get out of England :lol: , anyway blame the frogs, they own the bloody bridge :oops:


    ps, 3, deffo, closely followed by anyone from Devon.
  3. Deffo the Cornish.

    They are all pastie munching inbreds.

    My parents had the misfortune of retiring down to Cornwall and, although have lived there for 5 years, are still 'the new people from up norf' - They are from Gloucester! 8O

    The cornish are ignorant beyond belief. They consider Cornwall to be a country in its own right not just another English county, and they get panic attacks if they go further than Saltash.

    They don't see the need for personal hygiene and think its fine to engage in sexual activity with their relations (well, its is - but not for FREE)

    The have one of the worst regional accents in the country, stink of horse shite, dont have proper roads and think a night at the community centre constitutes a good night out.

    Nothing good has come out of Cornwall.

    Personally, I think we should carpet bomb the entire county, mutilate Jethro and hang his saggy knackers off the Tamar bridge.
  4. Sorry Plymouth takes it.

    Generations of the UK matelot rotters (thrown from their own communities for being special) concentrated into one massive gene pool of horrors

    Walk in the city center and you'll quickly notice the majority of them are so badly put together they can't walk straight (Honest)

    Ginger hair curly teeth, suits you sir

    Yak yak yak
  5. You missed out the European pointy head capital - Norwich!
    That place definatly has a limited gene pool
  6. Stockport, the town that evolution forgot. Why anthropologists insist on searching for the missing link in Tibet is beyond me, it is thriving in Stockport. Their heads arent so much pointed, as flat like Bert of "Bert 'n' Ernie" fame.
    Surely we could just poison their water supply, and be rid of the simple minded, mouth-breathing freaks once and for all.
  7. seconded..... oh bugger it just add NORFOLK :)

  8. If anyone serving in deepest Wiltshire has been out in the 'local community' (for local people only you understand), they will see that the bunch of pointy-headed, moonraking, pig farming inbreds takes the crown.
  9. Having thought more on this for a few milliseconds I realised that no one has yet mentioned the mecca of all pointy heads - Imbra village!
  10. Ear! oi'm from Cawnwall, and oi live in debbon and moi ed in't pointy......jus taippered.
    You'd luike moi sister as well. Oi do.
  11. Anyone ever been to Barrow-in-Furness. If you divorce your wife, she''l still be your sister!
  12. Damn right! They are fcuking inbread cnuts of the worst chavy nature scum, I hope that town gets bombed when bird flu comes. Girls have more STDs than a Vietnamese hooker.
  13. Have none of you ever been to Blandford FFS???
  14. Didcot in Oxfordshire....Is there something in the water? or is it the crazee stuff coming out of the power station?!
  15. Andover. It has to be twinned with Chernobyl and I'm sure they do regular exchange visits. It's not Village of the Damned, it's City of the Damned. Saturday afternoon in the town centre looks like an audition for the muppet show.