Points on Driving Licence.

I was 'awarded' 3 points for doing 38 in a 30 zone exactly 4 years ago today.

My query is, do I physically have to send my licence back to the DVLA to have these points removed (which costs money), as surely now that 4 years have gone by they are now invalid and therefore do not exist.

If I was to get pulled over tonight for speeding, would I have no points on my licence or would there still be three, even though they 'ran out' today?
No don't need to send it. Its the date that counts.

I had mine on for nearly 7 years before i had to get a change of address done.
Took them all off then.

when i went to court they mentioned spent offences that were still on there. "mr xxx has a previous SP30 offence but for the purposes of the court, presents today with a clean license".

and i got off v light, so pretty sure it wasn't held against me.
Your points have expiered, you can send it in to DVLA if you want, but you will have te replace it with the new Photo licence.
Chuffed!!! Thanks all.

and i've saved £19.00 by not sending it in :D
aye , photo licence is a rip off ! you still get your paper licence and PAY for a photo one.

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