Points for trade training and promotion

Just seen this on the REng forum.

hogstable said:
This means you can train with the grown ups and go on to do your trade training as it is termed. Points make prizes and a weekend makes 20 points. Most modules are 40 points. So Mines is two weekends worth, pass it, not too demanding to be fair and you have got the module and 40 points. HGOB MGOB is one weekend as it is a 20 pts module.

This is where it gets tricky, all of your points are counted towards your military engineer score or ME (V). This affects your pay and eligibilty for promotion. To be a lance corporal you need 280 points IIRC to be a class 2, 500 to be a class 1 ME(V) which is what you need for corporal.
Seems like a bloody good idea, do any other corps do this? It would be ideal for all the funny units that don't need many subjects on Sigs Trade training. Could work something like this

VP (weekend) 20
BOWMAN (weekend) 20 pts
JMH 20 pts
Kit Specific to unit 20-?? pts
current class 3 cadre 90 pts
Windows (basic) Admin 50 pts
Driving Cat B 50 pts
etc etc

You'd need 100 pts for class 3 and 200 pts for class 2.......obviously the work book gets scrapped and is replaced by a list of courses that have been completed.
Sounds good, but some units have way more kit(more points) than other units. Is that fair to a tom who just happens to be in a poorly equipped unit?

Just my initial view on it.
Not so sure, but could easily have waivers for for certain units.

I'd also implement a system where courses become redundant when equipment retires. So those Cpls with NCRS and CLANSMAN, suddenly find they've no longer enough points to be a Cpl and they would have two years to regain these points or they will revert in rank. This ensures Cpls and Sgts have valid skills for their rank. It may sound harsh but very little was done to retrain these people when AIRWAVE etc came into service, some adapted but some were like a fish out of water and with weaker skills than they people they were expected to command (the majority in my sqn left - either this or Telic was to blame).
p.s. The points system would also set what trade you were e.g.

Class 3

ED 100 pts (with some subjects mandatory e.g gen and driving)
ICS Op 200 pts
Tech 400 pts (but a rad op with some IT skills can be classed as a tech)

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