Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by The_Snail, Sep 29, 2012.

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  1. They'd have to find one first.
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  2. I meant that more in the sense of I prefer to do as little as possible, but achieve the same result. To be honest, 11 years in schools that enforced no discipline apart from a Nazi-like attitude to uniform hasn't helped, but if the army can't sort that out, then who can?
    And besides, I was trying to dissuade people from being vague.
  3. Sorry to pick up on one little point but if you think a school can have a Nazi like attitude to uniforms then you're probably going to luuuuurve the Army!

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  4. I see your point, but school's don't send you off to war. My school seemed to care more for uniform than it did for education. The army is a different kettle of fish, I could spout a load of crap about esprit de corps and attention to detail, but the bottom line is for a long time I've been used to the concept that the army has it's way, shape up or ship out.
    Really I used the example because it amused me that I'd get countless detentions for wearing a smart black jumper, that simply didn't have the school crest on, because I'd rather spend £3 on a Tesco jumper, than £30 on the school one. And it was a state school. If it was that important, they'd have issued jumpers. And since I've left, they've started giving out detentions to guys with shaven heads too.
  5. That's smashing.

    Did they teach English at your school?
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  6. Yes ...
    sorry, I don't follow ...
  7. You'll soon learn sweetie.

    Jumpers are sometimes not all everything.

    The big boys will be here in a few hours to sort you out.

    I'm back off to RHQ and the NAAFI.
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  8. I got kicked out of school for owning a Tescos jumper, even though my Great Aunt Waltrude, who coincidently was blind in one eye, made an attempt at embroiding the school crest. I was an outcast.

    That is,....... until I joined the Army. They gave me 2 jumpers, for free.

    Just an early morning reminiscence.....
  9. Dear Connor Johnson

    Welcome to Arrse.

    Happily you seem to have caught Mr Snail's attention which is a very good thing. He loves to interact with our newer members at every opportunity and he only pretends to be a grumpy old curmudgeon. In reality he will help you to find your way around the twisty byways of Arrse if you allow him to.

    Dale (the Snail) is one of Arrse's more colourful characters who likes nothing better than when people play the faux insults game with him.

    If he engages you in playful banter again just tell him he has a small cock and needs a shave and that his smelly ginger dog has eaten his pony and drunk the cheap vino and if you should ever meet him in the street you will subject him to a bit of vigorous back doors action. He will like sort of banter a lot and you will discover his innate sense of humour and good nature I'm sure...

    Right, must cut along as I need to be somewhere else just now - hope that helps.

    ps. Don't ever suggest or even imply that he is a bit girly - that offends his strong sense of machismo for some reason.

  10. Perhaps when you finally leave school you'll have a more rounded view. It's rough out in the real world when the special blue bus stops taking you everywhere.

    Oh and while you're making your exciting observations here's some advice..have a point it makes it so much more interesting for the reader.

    Carry on
  11. Yeh!, when I was on Ops I shaved my head and the BSM said "Aleegee", I m giving you 4 weeks detention, you re not to go out on patrol with the other lads".

    Fucking Nazi aye?!

    (Btw, Macdonalds are recruiting, you Crettin)
  12. Sluggy's a bloke ???

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  13. well it cant be classed as female!!
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  14. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Shaven heads? Black jumpers? Nazis? What is this school called? The Horst Wessel Comprehensive?
  15. No but it whistles a good tune. Besides what wrong with old Horst? More likely to be Wacht am Thames.