Pointless Science

I saw water going uphill on the road going up Penglais Hill in Aberystwyth during a storm- 8 years ago.

IMHO, the world's most pointless scientific study was this one:


Did we really need scientists to tell us that we get stupid around totty?

I remember hearing of a sociologist from Leicester publishing a study that demonstrated a causal link between- get this- UNEMPLOYMENT AND POVERTY. Pure genius. Where can I get research grants to do such work?
Women are snakes with tits.....

They're manipulative doe eyed monsters who ruin your life. That's why you should wear your tin-foil hat at all time around women....
If I can connect to ARRSE 3 nanoseconds faster then I'll buy it.

Worth every million.
There has just been a study done at Cambridge University to tell us that people who have more active jobs/lifestyles live longer.

Shock... why are we only just learning this!!! [/sarcasm off]
People with active jobs/lifestyles don't have the time or the inclination to listen to that shite.

That's me fcuked then.

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