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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Aug 9, 2004.

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  1. I am just watching CNN showing an 'operational' vid tape of saudi terrorists.
    In it the terros practice storming a room.
    On entering they all turn their wepons AK47 on the side before opening fire.
    I thought this was pure Holliwood, turn your gat on its side and then blaze away.
    Is there any reason why one would do this ?
    The only thing I can imagine is that if the ejection cover points down then the empty cases do not spray your comrades.
    john :?:
  2. I think the only reason they do this to try and look cooler.

    I think they do look cooler, but in a very inaccurate shooting kinda way.
  3. Might be something to do with weak mag springs. Always had trouble when using LMG mags on the SLR -- never could get it to work with the full complement of thirty :wink:
  4. Same problem with the SA80 A1 which is why it was only ever bombed up with 28 rounds, but you never saw a plank flip it on it's side and let rip. If the mag spring is weak then you don't bomb it up all the way so the spring has some give in it to get some momentum to push the rounds up into the breech.
  5. As prevously mentioned the only reason these scrotes turn the weapon on its side is because they all watch the same "GANGSTA" Movies as western youths and its "COOL". First time they try and pull it off against a building occupied by the Yanks or ourselves will be their last.
  6. LMG and SLR mags were designed to be interchangeable so that SLR mags could be fitted to the LMG, the LSW of its day, NOT the other way round.

    It looked cool to have a mag of 30 on the SLR and it would usually function with blank. I've used an LMG mag with 7.62 ball on the SLR and it failed to chamber almost every round. Canting the weapon to the right "raghead style" helped but meant I was not able to use the sights = not point.

    I've practiced soldiers in firing rifle 556 out of the shoulder both when static and on the move. It is an important lesson - demonstrating that you rarely hit a target if you engage it whilst moving. By default it also shows that the opposition is very unlikely to hit you if employing the same tactic thus giving you a better opportunity to slot him.

    Instinctive shooting (i.e. not using the sights) takes time to master but is a useful skill to develop. Remove the sight unit from the rifle. Engage Fig 11s at 25m standing unsupported and staedily increase the range. With practice soldiers can hit the target 4 times out of 5 at 100.
  7. Personally, I thought the reason they canted the weapon over, is because the 47 on Auto climbs like a Monkey with a rocket up it's arrse, ditto the AKMS

    Therefore, cant the weapon over on it's side, and "Rabid Muzzle climb" becomes "Efficient room sweeper"

    Mind you, I've only fired the weapon twice, so maybe someone can correct me if I'm wrong?
  8. 8) 8) 8) 8) COOOOOOOOOOOL do they make them for Brownings?? Do H&K make an A2 version for spraying from stripped down rovers..... AWESOME dude
  9. Could they trick out a Wolf with fcuk off big Bass Bins as well?

    "Giving out a shout to me Basra Homies" 8O
  10. I too have a pair of home-boy sights. :D

    I currently own 2 AK-47's and have spent many hours with them on the range. Canting the weapon to the side is bollocks. Best way to control it is to use proper shooting form and lots of practice. Anything else is Holywood crap.

    I will believe turning the weapon on it's side is good form when I see the SAS and the like doing it.
  11. Hence the diagonal cut-off on an AK's muzzle...
  12. Do you live in Waco and belong to a cult or one of those "milita" type thingies that like to believe the Federal Government are in league with Satan and the Illuminati and that they are using mind-control drugs sprayed from the back of commercial aircraft in the form of con-trails, and when Sweet Jesus comes he'll blow those commie mothers to kingdom come and heaven will be a ranch in the US Midwest?

    Not that I'm stereotyping or anything.... :wink:
  13. No, I own firearms to defend myself from waccos like that. :D
  14. I saw a firefight in Iraq in which groups of Iraqi Police and Shia Militiamen engaged at a range of, maybe, forty metres with AKMs and AKMSs, barely making use of any cover and probably firing 40-50 rounds each, without any of them apparently hitting any others. They then calmed down and shouted at each other for a bit; then shook hands and clapped each other on the shoulders and seemed to part as the best of friends. I suppose what I'm saying is that they don't seem to teach the principles of marksmanship in militia academy these days, so leaning it over to the side is as good a way of firing the damned things as any other.