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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by no1cares, Aug 11, 2006.

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  1. Sorry to dig this up but I laughed my tits off and had to share.
  2. Do you make it a habit to look through old threads to bring them to our attention? Don't you think people are capable of doing it themselves? Yes they are funny, but you ain't.
  3. Did you not do this for someone in the 'reports' thread? Thought so.
  4. The two would only be comparable if someone were to say 'you know what, I want to read a really good bar antics thread.'
  5. ok civvie
  6. My being a civvie doesn't stop you being a twat.
  7. Army website mate - TA are welcome, ex-servicemen are welcome - civvie scum aren't.
  8. thanks for bringing that thread up no1cares, it made me laugh.
    death-rowuns dont be a civvy twat
  9. I can't see the problem in merely pointing out to no1cares that his argument against Dale was lacking in substance, without actually insulting the man.
  10. you're just a gob$hite civvie, you wouldn't understand. And you wonder why you get your teeth knocked out by squaddies.
  11. Im with Death Rowums here ... no1cares' was a pointless post followed by more pointless posts. Moreover the argument 'ok civvie' is both puerile and irrelevant.

    no1cares ... my dad's stronger than your dad
    my dad earns more than your dad

    just a few more arguments for you to lay on people ... why hijack an otherwise entertaining thread? pr1ck
  12. my dad is chuck norris
  13. no1cares...the jury is still out on who your father was...or indeed whether or not you had one...

    Oxygen thief...
  14. But you are a clerk whore.
  15. Who the f*ck died and put you in charge?