Pointless Gutter Journalism - Dailyy Star on Sunday - Little Mix Dad Jailed


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This is the front page banner headline in the Daily Star on Sunday for 4 December 2011. It caught my eye in my local newsagents. I looked at the article because it didn't make any sense and because there was a picture of a slutty tart.

LITTLE Mix star Jesy Nelson has a family secret – her dad was jailed after a killing.
So this article is about some the family of a minor s'leb being jailed for killing some one. How is that front page headlines of a 'national' newspaper? There's more:

Dad John was found guilty of murder and affray after a fight outside a nightclub left amateur boxer Paul Reidy dead in 1985. The murder conviction was later overturned on appeal
This happened in 1985 and the conviction was overturned, I say again, how is that front page headlines of a 'national' newspaper? Believe it or not there's more:

John Nelson, 46, was originally found guilty of murder and dubbed the “Disco Killer”.

He was jailed for life after roofer Paul Reidy was knifed three times outside a nightclub in 1985.

But the X Factor contestant’s father had his conviction overturned shortly afterwards following an appeal and instead served a shorter sentence for affray.
Not content with that the Star tries to drag in the mother and stir up shit with the family of the late Mr Reidy. Has the Star not heard about the Levinson Inquiry?
Its the Daily Star, its target audience are thicker than the Sun readers.


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We agree on something.
Its the Daily Star, its target audience are thicker than the Sun readers.
Thicker than pigshit then. I thought the Daily Star was just for photos of tits, not actual news?
Whatever lead you to think that the star was a newspaper?
It is a comic read by people with a childlike minds.
In the words of Bruce FOXTON:

Each morning our key to the world comes through the door
More than often its just a comic, not much more
Don't take it too serious - not many do
Read between the lines and you'll find the truth

Read all about it, read all about it - news of the world (delete NOTW insert The Sun, Star etc)
Her father's exploits come as no surprise however -the surprise is that she actually has an identifiable father. In addition, looking at the council-estate-origin names of these girls (Jade Thirlwall, Jesy Nelson, Perrie Edwards and Leigh-Anne), I wouldn't be surprised if there were further revelations of this type.


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Journalism - Daily Star.
Words I never thought I'd see together.

Who is she - they?


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Clearly Mr Desmond has been paying close attention to the Leveson enquiry and will no doubt be able to define "public interest" (as opposed to "what the public are interested in") when asked by Counsel for the Inquiry.

The man is clearly a tosser of the first water, and so is the editor of the Star.
Who the fcuk is this person? As above, is it x factor?

I prefer Little Boots at any rate.



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I have no idea who or what Little Mix is and I have no interest either but regardless of how pointless she is being a minor (very minor I'm assuming) s'leb does not give the Star any justication to publish a gratuitous story about her and her family. She may spend her time killing our culture but it doesn't mean she is fair game to be upset to appeal to the basest instincts of the lowest journo-scum and their idiot readers.

I used the word 'justification' advisedly. They have the 'right', it was a right hard won and now frankly traduced by these vermin.
Its the Daily Star, its target audience are thicker than the Sun readers.
Seconded. The Star is for people who find The Sun too intellectually challenging. That it continues to sell is proof this country is in dire need of a massive Eugenics Program...
It's ok, because she can complain to the PCC, which is a watchdog with teeth, and enforcement powers over all papers in print. Oh, hang on, what's that, the Star isn't a member of the PCC.....

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