Pointless food

It's amazing what gash threads can be dreamt up when stood around on crime scene cordons. I got to thinking about foods still on sale which nobody EVER buys. If, on the rare occasions they are bought, they most certainly are never eaten.

My tuppence worth as follows:

Those oval boxes of Eat Me dates. How ironic.

Camp coffee. Beyond satire.

And yes, I really do need to get out more.



"Nice" biscuits - a misnomer if ever I heard one
Chivers jelly
All Day breakfast in a tin

Come and rummage through my mother's kitchen cupboard and you'll find some gems. (Probably iced gems)


Not at all Marco. I think the point of your thread was "antediluvian food", like things you haven't seen in the last forty years and didn't know still existed.

Cheese football anyone??
Celery. Why would anyone bother?
The only foodstuff (as far as I know) which requires more calories to consume it than you actually gain from it, although biltong may come a close second.
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