Pointless Degrees

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by re-stilly, Dec 3, 2009.

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  1. Following on from a comment I made in another thread about Media Studies as a degree.

    Why are these allowed to happen and what other degrees have been created to satisfy the demand for the lower end of the education Uni spectrum and do they undermine students who really do work hard at the more classic degrees or is a degree an overstated and worthless piece of paper in today's society??

    Also why have we suddenly got this thing about you are no one unless you have a degree, whatever happened to getting a job at the bottom and working your way to the top??

    Also can some please tell me what the fcuk is Media Studies??
  2. Quick Google led me to this.....


    "Media studies is an academic discipline that deals with the content, history and effects of various media; in particular, the 'mass media'. The subject varies greatly in theoretical and methodological focus, but may be broadly divided into three interrelated areas: the critique of artistic styles and aesthetic forms (genre, narrative, and so on), the study of the production process (e.g. technologies and markets), and sociological analysis (of ideological effects, reception and consumption, etc)."

    I'm still none the wiser..............
  3. Studying the media stupid! Didn't you go to Uni :wink:
  4. There's degrees in all sorts of tosh, all because Blair wanted a much higher percentage of kids, who perhaps otherwise wouldn't have been bright or academic enough to go to university, to be able to. So plunge them all into massive debt with a degree that can't actually be used to get onto high flying graduate schemes etc....education, education, education!

    What's wrong with vocational training, perhaps even starting at school, a lot of plumbers etc. earn a lot more than graduates do!
  5. media studies is a useless degree, the chances of you leaving uni an going on to become a succesful journolist are slim to fu ck all. same as film studies.
    i agree with the other statement, what is wrong with starting at the bottoim and working up.
  6. Can't say I'm a fan of media studies etc, but for many who go through our doors they are not going to be trained as biologists, but just going to uni. During this time, apart from doing zoology, biochemistry, statistics, genetics, ecology, etc, they (theoretically at least), learn to become critically minded, able to debate and communicate, either through oral or written means. I think that for many, this is the best part of what they get from their time in uni.

    A similar question could put, regarding why do we have degrees in Classics, Theology, Philosophy? However, some of our best minds have come through this route...

    I think a more valid question is why the fark does the Government want 50% of the population to go to uni?
  7. I vaugely remember at college/uni at the time, that only about 5-8% of school leavers (age 16) went to college/uni. Now it is more like 50%!
  8. Short answer: it doesn't need to be 'allowed'. Whether they should attract state funding is a different matter but one ultimately determined by the electorate wanting little Tarquil to go to Yoonie rather than getting his hands dirty.

    Long-winded answer: because we live in a nation which still (ostensibly) values individual liberty over the needs of the state and there's no reason why people should not have the choice. We also live in a nation saturated with market ethos, so if enough people want to study something, universities will provide. The alternative is to subordinate every individual life to the needs of the state.

    Cynical answer: the fees income from these students subsidises more important but less popular disciplines which would quite likely go to the wall without the boost. It costs an incredible amount of money to keep e.g. a Chemistry Department running at all, let alone equipped with cutting edge equipment. Yes, the money could go directly to the chemistry departments but that's not how student funding works - the way it works is determined by the electorate wanting the bare minimum paid to keep their tax bill down. I did say it was cynical.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Good topic, hopefully MSR won't crayon on it this time (MSR - Media Studies Reject? Hmmmm).

    If it's not Media Studies, it's pole-dance studies in Leeds or somesuch. Plus they're building up huge levels of personal debt to 'study' this shoite before they've even started work. I'd like to see the system re-jigged to give fuller funding support for those studying useful subjects, particularly science, and let anyone who wants to watch slappers and speak Klingon do so on their own time and with their own money.

    Note to the younger generation: If you want to work in the media, Media Studies is not the degree to have.
  10. I agree totally; by making everything degree based its almost as if the government want people without degrees to feel almost feel ashamed. And also, cynics hat on, more people going to university must mean a better education system than all other governments! What's wrong with polytechnics and apprenticeships?
  11. It's the mark of a badly educated mind unable to believe that 5 years studying under a master of their trade is a real qualication.
    Said badly educated mind was unwilling to admit that having 50% of your school leavers going to Uni was a complete waste of time and money unless those students were able to do something useful, like say Computer Programming or maybe Engineering. Which would have meant making schools turn out students capable of studying such courses. Which has proved impossible for the last 12 years.

    Oddly enough the quango that gathers stats about Higher Education in the UK doesn't report drop out rates from any FE or HE courses....
  12. Most Degrees are utterly pointless, except ones in Medicine and the like or those that will have a direct bearing on a career.

    University should be entirely in the Private sector like they are, I think, in America. Students who go should either pay their own way or get sponsorship. Too many idle fcukwits just turn up to these places with no incentive or ambition and fritter their lives and our money away. Too many of them drop out and do not incur any penalty for doing so.

    Mercifully 'The Grad' was still a minority when I joined the army. But it was still difficult to comprehend why someone who had studied Ancient History, Agriculture, PPE, Forestry, French and the like (the ones I mention were the ones I shared a Mess with) would make a better Infantry officer than someone who hadn't, let alone get more seniority or pay.
  13. ISTR a university offering a degree in - I sh1t you not - "David Beckham studies", examining his impact on the world in his role as a global icon Another in Wales offered a degree in Spiderman comics. Spiderman-ology? Spid-ology?

    Imagine being asked to explain that in interview. Three years spent studying a kicking halfwit or a childrens cartoon.
  14. But the question is how many of the 50% leave within the first month or so.
  15. You only have to look around you to see that we live in such a media driven society that I would have thought it was a very important,
    serious subject.

    Virtually all wars now are fought both on the battlefield and in the media, and if you lose the PR war you lose the ground war as a result..

    Almost evey aspect of our lives from high politics to condom wearing is media driven.

    Media studies, done properly, seems more useful than History for example.