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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Aug 17, 2007.

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  1. How many corps/arms etc have courses that you don't use when back in unit?

    I've been on Rigger Marshaller and Landing Point Commander and used the qual once (good fun course though)

    Cat C and C+E in 2001 and used the qual about 10 times.

    Crypto accountant used zero times (except for 2x40 minutes lessons)

    Plus a number of others which I don't use in TA but will use all of them when I return from camp at civvie work.
  2. netball coach, badminton skills.....................mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    I see your rm/LPC and raise you CEPA instructor!
  4. I wish more people did this course - it would certainly make my life - and my blokes' lives' - a great deal easier. FACs have more important things to be doing than running HLSs and tying knots in string FFS.
  5. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    The trouble is that the system makes it hard to keep current. In a previous job I had to try and keep the RMs/LPCs current. Getting the HUSLE/APs and loads, let alone flying hours was a nightmare. I ended up bussing people to Benson to use JHSU kit.

    Oh, and I was an HHI but when my qual expired I could not get refreshed until I had passed a RM, then LPC course as the pre course required quals - I gave up in the end!
  6. CBRN assisstant instructor.

    You can't get the new kit and if you do the chances are it wont work.

    LDT instructor (Loader Drill trainer CRII) is that so the PSI's can sit on their arrses?
  7. Armourer Optical Repair Level 2. 6 Day course, of which 4 was Classroom based physics.

    2 Days of actually playing with equipment (including the Night Vision stuff which was cool) and then at the end of the course we received the bombshell:

    "You do know that all these repairs are level three and you stabs only have the kit to work at level 2. Therefore, technically the only repair you're allowed to carry out is to change the rubber eye guards on the SUSAT."

    Thanks for that.
  8. What can't you get?

    Let me know and might be able to sort you out.
  9. All Arms Unit Equipment Repairer, 4 weeks on the lash. all the kit at our unit goes in the bin when its US never repaired anything!! done the course 6 years ago was a good laugh and some great nights out though, would do it again just for that! :D
  10. You cant get half the kit to train in

    i just come back from CBRN course at christmas, hell were not even scaled for cbrn suits so makes it hard to get through system

    we was told every year you have to do a test in the RTS before you go into the RTF yes right told my regiment and they say how can we cant get them thats it

    its shit
  11. Again what do you need?

    Got loads of spare kit.

    Cant help you with RTS or RTF though :D
  12. DIT (I) instructor....

    Did it, met Mick Smith (WO2 RA RIP, Afgan) and then never looked at the paperwork again.
  13. Agreed, DITs, utter waste of time. Had already done BITs some years before, joined RTC was told had to do new DITs course, lot's of changes... complete arrse... change the names of the sections of the lesson, ask questions of the student's (coz I hadn't thought of that one), and change the name of the course. Somebody got paid to design that.....!
    Not bitter though....
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Internal Junior Leadership course at Annual camp. I had just passed Junior Brecon with a distinction and thats what they offered me. Not to instruct but as a student. They wondered why I did the camel?
  15. Its not for want of trying. How long can you spend in the mess when the Heli's aren't flying before they send you home? 3 days.....