Pointless and inane comment thread

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by wireless_barf, Aug 7, 2012.

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  1. yes, i know this is bollox, but fek it.

    All those random things that popped into your head and you've wanted to say to someone today, but had no way to sensibly include them in any conversation, put them here

    Heres my two

    1. Why dont you see egg slicers these days?

    2. Ive eaten far too much belly pork

    over to you lot, what totally farking pointless thoughts have you wished to share today?
  2. Actually, that's a very good point.

    When I was a child my parents had a plastic one with a proper metal/cheesewire frame that you pulled over the egg.

    I've not seen one forever!
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  3. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    recruitment agents are wankers.

    hardly news, I realise, but relevant to me today.
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  4. Why did suicide pilots wear helmets
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  5. Lakeland plastics is the place for such things.
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  6. I feel your pain, I've been wanting to move jobs for a long, long time now & am sick to fucking death of dealing with inept recruiters who just mess you about. Every fucking job is advertised through recruiters these days as well, its rare to be able to directly apply to companies anymore. Cunts.

    Back to the thread - why can't you get decent jeans anymore? I fucking hate chinos & skinny jeans
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  7. What's the ruling on egg-slicers at barbecues?
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  8. AAaaaaaaaargh! You cunt! Images of "Daley Tompsons Decathlon" have just come flooding back to me!

    I must have smashed about 4 kempston joysticks playing that game
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  9. Re: Kempston...ditto!
  10. Is it possible to write some sort of v-bulletin code that would put all posts by any user with, for example, the word "poo" in their name into one single thread, such as this one?
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  11. I have the urge to paint my loft a Saffrony sort of colour.
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  12. I couldnt afford a kempston, i had a cheetah, but it was crap, just used the Z,X and space keys. Probably why the tips of my index fingers are flat

    You dont see light-guns for computers these days either
  13. Or microdrives
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  14. I did my garage in B&Q Venitian Red yesterday, bloody good job i made too, but havent done the fascias yet

    Isnt Saffron bloody expensive? Ive taken to using Turmeric in my paella instead
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  15. Mindreader! I was gonna mention microdrives! then thought about asking why amstrad fitted that fecking stupid 128k 3" 'floppy' to the speccy +3
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