Pointers to the UKs spiral downwards!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sebcoe, Feb 8, 2013.

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  1. The axing of "The young apprentice" is just another nail in the coffin of sensibilities on viewing, It just shows that the general populus would rather watch shite soaps and reality TV such as TOWIE and geordie shore.

    No wonder that the UK is going down the tubes...!

    Lord Sugar has confirmed what many suspected for months; the BBC will not be making any more series of Young Apprentice.

    In response to a tweet from a fan enquiring about its return, Lord Sugar answered: "NO BBC HAVE DECIDED TO STOP IT."

    The series, which launched in 2010, was a particular passion of Lord Sugar's as it offered 16 and 17-year-olds the opportunity to win an investment prize fund for their business plans.

    The 2012 run of Young Apprentice garnered noticeably lower overnight ratings, with the launch averaging just under 4m viewers in a pre-watershed slot.

    Rumours had been rife that the BBC would not renew Young Apprentice on the basis of the viewing figures. However, Lord Sugar did state that the normal adult series would be back in late spring.
  2. Wouldn't you class Young Apprentice as being reality TV then?

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  3. If the young apprentice was anything but trashy reality TV, engineered to create petty arguments I'd agree.
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  4. Yes, but unlike xfactor, and towie and that kind of shite..! but unlike xfactor, and towie and that kind of shite it does not have the mass Chav following therefore deemed "unsuccessful"
  5. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    I have made a point of not watching it on the grounds that they pick cretinous idiots to get good viewing figures.

    It would be worth watching if they got genuine high flyers on the program, not the bottom feeders they seem to unearth.

    So, I shall be raising a small glass in celebration.

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  6. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    I suspect the real high flyers are out there flying, rather than taking abuse from Brillo-Nut. Who, while I'm on, has encouraged a generation of middle management tossers to shout and abuse their staff. These tossers would have done it anyway because they are tossers. But Sugar's act encourages them that shouting and abuse it the right way to go.

    No time for the man.
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  7. It is actually an opportunity missed I think. If this energy was more focused towards something useful then it would take more attention to watch but be more useful to the country and all involved.

    watching a few gobby kids fresh out of carphone warehouse or mcdonalds try and sell some crap on the high street then plucking up the courage to insult a team member is not exactly how VW put the kind of management team together post-war which won them a large % of the global car market. seeing some real proper people put a team together to learn how to really win would be useful and interesting to me and be inspirational to many.

    alan sugar? pfft.
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  8. Same goes for the more 'Grown-up' apprentice series. More egos on parade than merit - I don't think I'd have hired any of them. But that wasn't the point of the show, was it?
  9. if you are referring to my post i meant the grown up one. as far as it can be called that. i think one arrser knows the company who makes it well and i have some bits of insight into it. its an entertainment show which is made the way it is so it sells.
    i should probably just go and watch some management/training videos if i want information and inspiring ideas! one which had potential was the story of the guy who tried to buy MG. but they probably wanted some of that kept quiet!

    i think someone like smith and jones or fry and laurie used to make quite a few business films in the 90s. quite a few comedians did. i used to have access to hundreds of them at uni and quite enjoyed a lot of them. some were tosh obviously.
  10. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    The best managers never shout or swear. I'm working on a project under a pretty senior one at the moment. His time is valuable, so meetings with him tend to move on pretty swiftly. But it's never done in a way that would cause offence. And he always grasps the essentials and concentrates on them. His attitude is always "I trust you with the detail - don't bother me with it. Talk to me about what matters". For an added bonus, you can completely trust him. If he promises - he delivers.

    Which makes him a pleasure to work with - and about 500% better as a manager than Brillo-Nut.

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  11. Give it 10 years and UK will be kike 28 days later.

    I've got it all planned out, going to head for the hills with my small arsenal.
  12. Grammar Uncle Albert. It should be "arse as well".
  13. What, the apprentice isn't real, those people that grace the TV aren't really the cream of the crop, in mensa.
    I've bought the red sea pedestrians books on the strength of that show.
    Well go to the foot of our stairs, thats it I'm not watching it anymore, bastards.


    irony switch was on, at all times during this post.
  14. Seb wrote "No wonder that the UK is going down the tubes...!"

    It should be remembered that Lord Sugar lives in Chigwell.
    I rest my case.
  15. The whole irony of The Apprentice is that Alan Sugar's track record makes him pretty synonymous with 'how not to do things in business.'. The vast majority of his enterprises have tanked.

    For the sake of a TV series, that gets overlooked, in the same way that Dyson bizzarely gets heralded as a great innovator.