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I contribute in a small way to a number of internet forums like this one (that's what it's like to be underemployed :D) and soon noticed a long time ago that the ratio of 'posts' to 'views' is generally fairly constant: between 7 and 10 views generates 1 post.

So why is it that this board is the exception? Look at OldRedCap's thread next door and this morning there have been 300ish views and three posts.

How many strangers are there in the house?


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I don't usually contribute if anyone else has made the point I would have made. Maybe we all share a similar world view.
How do you rate the, umm, 'effervescence' (good word that!) of those other sites?

I know a couple of All Girls Corps passive arrsers who read lots but post nil because they don't want the likes of MDN or Flashy venting their spleens at them.

Another thing is we are rather good at the obfuscation of our threads with arcane and witty titles. One side effect of this is a number of browsers looking in just to see what the subject really is, deciding its just more bunting tosser's rubbish and backbuttoning to the FRV!

And have you noticed there's a hard core of about fifty Arrsers with about 200 occasional poppers-in; lay that against the 8,000 plus members and you suddenly get the feeling that there are a lot of lurkers in the O Gp. 8O
I throw in my 10 penceworth when I see something that I can contribute to. Mostly it's a learning process here as I've been out too long to id exactly what people are on about!

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