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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Immy, Feb 15, 2013.

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  1. Hello,

    I am writing a feature for a magazine and require some assistance. I have to highlight the changes and differences in the role of a Point Man from 2007 to present day. Cany anyone help with any information or can direct in the right direction?

    Thanks for your time.
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  3. do you mean a 'what's the point man?' man?
  4. For example, I know in recent years a metal detector is used where as before a Point Man would walk with just his gun to find any mines. Even small things like this would help.
  5. mines are not as scared of a point man as the used to be.
  6. Not entirely sure how much information you're expecting to get from this website on the current tactical procedures of the military given that those procedures are currently being used operationally.

    They're designed to save lives so shouldn't be discussed openly.

    You will, however, discover another notably aspect at which the British Army excels. I've got some popcorn in.
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  7. Pre-change Point Man.

  8. Wow, with such an encyclopedic understanding of British Military doctrine why ask any questions at all. You should be at RMAS rewriting the manuals.
  9. Well so far everyone has been as useful as a sack of spuds. Just wanted basic information that non-army people wouldnt have known
  10. My knowledge is minimal hence why I have asked for help. Its just an informative piece
  11. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    The current SOP's for Point Man in a Section Patrol are as follows:

    Kit carried:

    Fresh underpants
    Tourniquet's already applied to appendages waiting to be pulled tight once said limb drops off
    Metal detector that wasn't tested before being taken out and so doesn't work

    The drills are fairly straightforward:

    Walk forward with eyes closed praying to all the Gods
    Get a return on the detector and stop to have a look
    Reach that point of no longer caring, and stamp on the area giving a return to see if it blows up or not
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  12. Was it a gun like divining rods.... Bloody good gun that, finding mines and able to shoot as well

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  13. SLR could do that.
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  14. Why are you writing an article on a subject that shouldn't be discussed on an open forum, especially if you don't know anything about the subject to begin with?

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