Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Tango34_UK, Aug 12, 2006.

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  1. Now I was wondering round my local Tesco's the other day, and happened to find a friend to chat to outside, and after a few minutes of "going out on the slash this weekend" we got onto the subject of POLAND and how then seam to be sending all their young chaves towards the UK, so last night while partaking in a "few" drinks we decided on a new method of stopping this attack on the good people of England.....

    POINT AT THE POLISH - we decided and this has been tested (it works) that if all UK People (born here) decided to start to point at the Polish when ever they see them, this might help them to decide that the Uk isn't a nice place to live and draw income support, thus making more tax's available to people that deserve them....

    So this morning, armed with a hand with a very good "pointy" finger we set off to our local Tesco's and waited in an ambush position in the door way, across the car park we saw a group of potential targets appearing, and on looking closer we saw them to be dress all in white, short hair, with large push chairs, and they were speaking in POLISH.

    I deployed my team, from all directions, we started to point at them, the battle raged on for ages (about 30 seconds) and the Polish lost, they moved past the entrance to Tesco's got back in their cars and went off back home -

    Victory in the first battle, but this war will take ages to win, I need people up and down the country to join me and POINT AT THE POLISH, its the least you can do to stop this attack from Poland on the UK............ :)

    I was going to remove this thread but I think I'll leave it for a while so the rest can rip you up for arrse paper. It stands a a memorial to you stupidity

    love and kisses...MiB
  2. You're an idiot.
  3. I find you offensive and racist you vile oxygen thief

    How ironic, and im guessing not you then you intellectual biff
  4. What a prick.
    If he was offered a job in another country where the wages were at least 5 times better, I'm sure he would be off as well.

    How many Brits went to Sudi, ect ect, when the money was good.
  5. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    well one way to spend your saturday i suppose...I cant think of better ones though....thinking up threads for the arrsehole is one...oh hang on....
  6. And in a similiar vein....

    you knobber!
  7. A brief look at what other drivel you've posted and second down is this

    Well this would explain you being an offensive bigoted excuse of a human being then....
  8. Er, this is the NAAFI right. I thought tales of fucking corpses sans lube, and eating arrse pellets from your wife's rectum, i.e somewhat offensive posts were the order of the day.
  9. I think your a tw@t, racist, and total thick chump.
  10. At least this is funny and Borat himself is jewish and making a satirical point unmasking bigots. Although i think his sketch on Fox hunting in britain is funnier. Got to see the movie :D
  11. I like the Polish. Worked with them , watched one or two take tremendous and extraordinary risks back in the time of heroes, and have nothing but good to say about them.

    I know how much regard they hold Britain in , and think the opening post is not only bollox, but total and utter w*nk.

    Revise, read it again , Tango you are a cnut. I was priviledged to be invited to the memorial service to allied aircrew on the Warsaw Airlift in Warsaw in 94 and get pissed afterwards with Polish Aircrew on that OP. I wouldn't swap that memory for a King's ransom. I won't go into the history , but they knew if they got hit, it was a one way trip , and if they managed to bail out , it was likely a concentration camp , but they still volunteered, and hold the RAF aircrew that volunteered to go with them , in the very highest regard

    I also had the very great fortune to kill a bottle of Vodka in the company of General Skalski in his very small flat in Warsaw, what a fantastic man , and his flat was a shrine to two things, the Hawker Hurricane and Britain.

    Get over there, and see what the Polish are prepared to do for a Brit, before you gob off like a tw@t.

    Damn fine people and our proper European allies , and long may they continue to be so.
  12. Agreed with PTP a finer set of people there aren't anywhere right up there with the dutch for friendliness to Brits.
  13. [​IMG]

    Does it for me.
  14. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Tango34_UK you must be over familiar with Mrs Palm and her 5 lovely daughters, if you wish to denigrate a nation that, the cold war notwihstanding has been a friend to Britain in its very short existence.

    In case you weren't aware, they gave us enigma.

    Awol. I was looking for that photo, thanks a lot.
  15. I thought it was tongue in cheek. I take it I was wrong then?