poilcy on armbands/why dont we celebrate St Georges day

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by ghostrider1974, Oct 14, 2008.

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  1. 1.What is the poilcy on wearing Help for Heros armbands in uniform, as our RSM has banned the wearing of them with the threat of extras,I was on the understanding that we could wear them in uniform to show our support for a services charity

    2.Why is it everything is pulled out to hold a FIJI Day but nothing is done to hold a St Georges day.

    I have witheld my name and my Regt as I dont want to be the subject of a witchhunt if this post gets on the wrong side of people,it is not because I have no spine or guts but as a OR I dont need any pressure just because I voiced a view,I hope to get postive feed back to this post but I do expect negative as well
  2. done before, he make the rules live with it, do you really need to sport a rubber band on your wrist....really, do you?

    plus two seperate issues, you are just whining ain't ya
  3. Entirely up to the legitimate authority. Which, as they are not covered in any uniform regs I have seen, is your RSM. Unless your CO is feeling exceptionally brave today. There was a nastynet poll on this some months ago.

    Because you're not umpty-ump miles from home - take some leave and celebrate it yourself. These guys have travelled half way around the world to fill a hole in our Army. Give them a break. You still get Easter and Christmas off - except see RSM above - (and, in the right regt, get a leek stuck up your left nostril on St David's Day - or has that died with amalgamation?)
  4. Coz you must be English!!!

    We always had a superb (and sometimes ever so slightly boozy) Paddy's Day
  5. Sixty

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  6. Because the English don’t need reminding.

    And Idrach has a very, very good point. Plus any excuse for a piss up, why do you think the infantry have so many battle honours.
  7. As far as I understand it, the wearing of H4H wrsitbands in uniform is permitted unless on ceremonial duty (or perhaps guard) - CGS wrote a letter to all COs permitting it.

    If you look at Queen's Regs, you will find that all Englishmen are entitled to wear a red rose on St Georges day, just as the Irish are permitted to wear the shamrock on St Pat's, etc... its up to you and your unit to do it.

    Edited to add: QR para 5365

  8. get into see the folks that matter, & request a transfer to the Fusiliers mate, they celebrate St Georges like you wouldnt believe :wink:
  9. Your Rasman is being a bellend. CGS has given his full support to the wearing of H4H wristbands (except on ceremonial etc)
  10. Far too many "yes men" around here! Just wear it. Yes the RSM "makes the rules" but as quoted above in dress regs this one's above his pay grade!

  11. The CGS allowed COs to use their discretion in allowing the band to be worn in non-ceremonial orders of dress. That means that some RSMs will allow it, others won't. If yours doesn't then tough luck, you've sh1t out.
  12. Mr_Fingerz

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    You don't celebrate St George's Day, because he's not the patron saint of the Gunners.

    Try St Barbara's Day (4th December)
  13. Fcuk 'em just wear it