POIC information and experiences.

Hello chaps, basically in my opinion there isn't much information on POIC's and what people get up to. I recently went on one to Winchester and will give my experiences and knowledge on what went down for future references. I will try and keep it short!

Monday- I arrived at ATR Winchester at about 11am and saw other PO's there in suits too. We then were ferried by 4x4 to a room to put our bags and then were asked to wait for the others. When they all arrived we went to our accommodation and then went to get our kit (overalls, water bottle, combats and boots) there we were split into our syndicates and met our 2 IC. During the day we then did ice breakers and other tasks to get to know each other. Then later in the night as it was very warm we did our PFA, I managed 9:47 on the 1.5 mile, 52 sit ups and 46 press ups. We then went to Naafi and then slept!

Tuesday- Up at 5:45 am and we were briefed on what we were doing. Off to Sandhurst! It was awesome! After that we went for lunch at the officers mess at Aldershot barracks then the coach back to ATR Winchester where we did a walk through on the obstacle course and then the high wire! After that we did ex briefings and got issued ex kit!

Wednesday- We were briefed on our mission and set off to Folkestone in Kent, long story short- went to FOB did plenty of rotations of patrols and guard duty and ops room with sleep deprivation then a final assault the next morning with m16 paintball guns.

Thursday- After final assault it was the drive back to Winchester which everyone slept, got off the coach, gave kit in and went for a swim and used to 10m diving board, all good fun! After the swim we got ready for a mess meal at the officers mess at the AGC barracks some 5 minutes down the road, it was fantastic!

Friday- Did the team assault course and did the final de brief with parents, awards were given out and we set off home!

Overall it was a great experience and I met a lot of great people, definitely recommend it!
I applied for one of these but my sponsor seemed sure that despite the fun involved, they were somewhat pointless for spivs who have passed asbo already.

Sounds like they are doing a good job of enthusing PO's then - that's great. What route did you go through to get on this/what are your outcome expectations? Excuse my ignorance in these matters.
I went on an insight day, rather than the course.

I must say it was very helpful, as it gives you something to measure yourself against and gives you some direction with your training.
Sorry fellas. Been bogged down with A level work that I completely forgot about this thread! The best way to get on one of these is by speaking to your local ACA. I did so, and after my interviews was on one within about 1 month. Highly recommend them!

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