Pogues ticket - Brixton Accademy- Fri 19th



Unexpectedly, I have a spare ticket for The Pogues at Brixton tomorrow night.

Just want the face value for it which I believe is about £30.

First come......etc

I would love to join you but, accordinging to Mrs P-T, I used up my annual allocation of weekend passes by the end of January. Have a good 'un.

I would mate but it's my birthday tomorrow and I suppose I have to let the wife spoil me in the only way she knows how. That would mean me painting the front room whilst she spots all the fekking bits I am bound to miss!

Enjoy though, they're really good live!

Have been looking for one for ages - was let down by a friend who'd promised to sort me out with a ticket. Am now entertaining the better half's Kiwi relatives instead...

(Oh, she'd wanted to go too - one of our first "dates" was Dropkick Murphys at Brixton & I wanted her to see how good te Pogues were).

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