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Hello all,

As the new moderator for Poetry Corner, I thought I'd open a sticky where you can get hold of me quickly. All comments for me should be posted here please unless you think I am deserving of a PM ! I check ARRSE most days so whatever you send will get to me without much delay. I will add a couple of other stickies but feel free to come up with suggestions.

I thought I would take take the opportunity to remind you of the ARRSE posting standards as laid down by the COs. Bottom line is whilst criticism of any poems posted is acceptable (both positive and negative), abuse should be kept to the NAAFI and will be moderated accordingly.


The following describes acceptable posting in the site, which is split in to three levels of "seriousness", starting from the liberal end of the site. Please observe the regulations - they are to ensure that there is something for everyone. A varied and large user group is in the interests of all. Obviously regulations in the NAAFI also apply to the next category up and so on.

Applicable to all boards:

a. Breaches of Operational Security (OPSEC).
b. Use of real names.
c. Hardline extremist views and racism in particular.

1. The NAAFI.

The NAAFI is designed to allow our users to conduct the pointless bickering, personal vendettas and utter drivel that is the mainstay of any web site. We strongly discourage anyone who is under 18, easily offended or with liberal tendencies from entering this forum. That being said, it is still moderated and the points made above are unacceptable.

2. General Boards.

These are the bulk of the site and consist of everything not included in the Serious Boards and the NAAFI. Banter, obtuse posts and ignorant comment are often the norm but we will moderate (ie police) against:

a. Thread hijacking where an argument/slagging match is carried over from elsewhere.
b. Totally pointless points.
c. Extreme swearing and abuse of other users.

3. Serious boards

Current Affairs, Finance, RHQ, Staff College, Military History, Charities, etc

Our serious boards are heavily moderated as we aim to keep them sensible and relevant for those who wish to engage in serious discussion. The following are not tolerated:

a. Taking thread off topic
b. Moderate swearing / abuse of other users.
c. Non-contributory posting ie pointless ranting.


The site moderators exist to ensure that the site is managed in accordance with the policy detailed above. They are to decide how the policy is implemented in their own forum and may wish to post details of their moderation policy. Please respect the moderators' decisions, but if you have any complaints about moderation policies, write to admin@arrse.co.uk.


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