Poetry Competition



Complete the rest of this poem, using one apt word:

Now listen here Geoff Hoon,
I'm going to be blunt,
Me and the rest of the Army,
Think you're a total _____
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the kings horses and all the kings men,
said "F*ck him, He's only an egg."


Roses are straight,
Violets are twisted,
Bend over Hoon,
You're about to get fisted.
Little Buff Hoon has lost His Army
Blairs just a twat and too smarmy
Gordon broon, your'e a cnut too
that skiffing you just got - yeah that was poo.
smooth, lets write a book!!!
tony bliar, tony bliar, wearer of girlies underwear,
i dont like you, or wife,
hoooons a cnut and broon is too,
shame i didn't nick ya sprog,
cos i'd have done you too.
ya policy is crap,
you drown us in poo,
now run off to bush and tell him to shove it too.

i am a poet and i dont know it :D :D
There was a born liar called Hoon,
Who said to the Man on the Moon,
that all of the stars..
..shone from Tony's arrse,
and that Cheri flogged her box 'doon toon'!!

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