Poetic Salute to Trooper Josh & Colonel Rupert

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Killaloe, Jul 8, 2009.

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  1. Guys,

    I penned this at work on Monday in my desk diary and have only just re-typed it and neatened it up. I hated English at School and think I last wrote a Poem in 1981 during detention as a punishment.



    An awful day, a dreadful hour
    Tears were hidden in a Summer shower
    Colonel Rupert & Trooper Josh
    In your wake a tidal wash

    Two young Soldiers in your prime
    Taken from us at a wrong wrong time
    Full of energy, buzzing with life
    You had the courage to face dangerous strife

    A friend of Charles, a Cheeky Monkey
    Absolute Warriers for our great Country
    As the C17 landed at Lyneham our hearts all sank
    A chap on Sky explained death knows no rank

    A Commanding Officer,a bright young Tom
    The same spirit' since the Somme
    Proud to serve, not afraid to fight
    Rest easy brothers, sleep easy tonight

    Tonight our Country all salute your deeds
    You gave your best in our Nations needs
    Unafraid of the enemy and proud to fight
    You both were beacons and a shining light

    Today the auld boys came out at Wootten Basset
    To celebrate our Countries greatest asset
    Fellow capbadges with a fellow aim
    We all feel your families awful pain

    Although your rank and age were very dihedral
    You've both gone upstairs to the big Canvas Cathedral
    Look after each other
    For you both are a brother

    Our prayers are with your familes tonight
    I hope they find a shining light
    At hard times in combat you guys did the ultimate deed
    We will look after your loved ones in their hour of need
  2. A very nice tribue to the fallen, on a realted note, a friend of mine penned this little ditty:

    The haunted ones return,

    Eyes blank in hollow sockets,

    Shielded from prying eyes,

    Least the curious press,

    Report torn flesh,

    And not the government spun ignoble lies.

    "Can't you see there's a war on?"

    People point out to eyes blinded by greed and naked ambition

    "Don't you know there's a war on?"

    People shout out to ears defeaned by dogma and lack of compassion.

    Men unfit for office, count their expenses and bow down to their one eyed tyrant king,

    "Yes we know there's a war" They cry, as crocodile tears they weep,

    "We have nothing but admiration for these brave sould"

    "For our second homes do not come cheap"