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Poet Laureate - they chose the wrong lady!

As you all well know..., Carole Ann Duffy is the new Poet Laureate:

Covered here.

However, I have always held a candle for Pam Ayres who, I reckon, should have become Laureate.

Here is Pam Ayres's contribution, in today's Telegraph, to the current political spat:

I'm tired of being a poet,
I need a change of scene
Now I'm getting older,
I think what might have been
I should have been an MP,
And walked the primrose path
Free dodgy films for my husband.
And a brand new plug for the bath.



Mr_Deputy said:
Is that really by her?
She's a national institution. Saucy too. Not hard to imagine her, a book of her latest scribblings, a field of wheat, a picnic blanket, a large stone jug of cider.....
You forgot the rohypnol


Book Reviewer
Reviews Editor
Carol Anne Duffy, described as ' a Glaswegian Lesbian'. Says it all really. The previous incumbents would be doing headsprings in their graves.
Why is it neccessary to emphasise her sexuality.? If it were me, would it be ofah, the Cambridge deviant and gerbil botherer? The importance is in the role, and ability to do the task.
Certainly Pam Ayres would be a much more popular choice, and more likely to produce poetry, and to support the Queen, which, after all, is the original remit of the holder.


Book Reviewer
Reviews Editor
CaptainWillard said:
Pam is also an ex WRAF as I recall.

Not sure if that's a plus or a minus though... :wink:


Quis Separabit

Vestigia Nulla Retrorsum
Yep, she was WRAF and it seems a spook too, having worked for Mi6 as an agent for several years. So, eminently qualified to drink sherry and write nonsense.
Anyone that did GCSE English in the late early 2000's/late 90's (cant remember!) will remember Carol ******* Ann Duffy fondly...oh wait no, she's shit. Onions my arse!

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