Podiatrist Question

I've been experiencing Shin Splints and/or a bit of knee pain on and off for the past few years, and generally been managing it by replacing my trainers frequently.
Saw the Doc, who checked my legs weren't deformed, and referred me to the Physio, but mentioned that the Physio may refer me onto a Podiatrist.
The Physio couldn't see any issues, and recommended getting gait analysis done, to get the correct trainers for my gait (overpronating) and changing them regularly, if it persisted see him again.
However getting new trainers always did the trick, so i've not been back.
So i've recently been feeling a bit of shin pain again, and was going to get some new trainers, when i saw that my local running shop was doing free biomechanical assessments with a podiatrist.
After a 5 min chat, and a look at me stood up straight, or what i thought was straight, he pointed out the fact i had falling arches, my hips were at the wrong angle, making my knees twist, which made me angle my feet the wrong way, and that my upper body was twisted and a shoulder dropped as a result.
So i'm booked in for a full on assessment, (£60) with an exercise programme, and there's the possibility of custom orthotics (£loads) which he says will fix the problems AND make me run better.

My questions are:

What are peoples experiences of podiatrists, orthotics etc. And what are the chances of me claiming back the money for this from the Army?
I would suggest avoiding the custom made orthotics. Try upandrunning.co.uk and get to one of their stores. I did this two weeks ago and they fitted me with some £30 ones which have been incredible!

I suffered with the same problems as you, and my physio said that unless you have a serious medical condition off the shelf ones will be fine. They mould to your feet after a few miles. I wouldn't recommend buying them without an in-store consultation, they stick you on a treadmill and do a full gait analysis. If youre in striking distance of Southampton then I suggest their one as the bird there is a medical student who seems to know what she's on about.

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