Podcast- what are you listening to

You're back on RoPs already, @Shockwave? That was fast.

I'm listening to the Infinite Money Cage; Business Wars, Fake Doctors Real Friends and More or Less; Behind the Stats.


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We Have Ways Of Making You Talk on Spotify with James Holland and Al Murray.


Not listened to the latest series but the first two runs of the Peter Crouch Podcast were very good. If you are interested in serious history and many other subject areas with discussions from leading professors the Melvin Bragg In Our Time podcasts are excellent.

Also there’s a lot of rubbish and a few gems on this link. List of Podcasts | Fourble
We have ways of making you talk
Missed apex
Remain indoors
Jordan Harbinger
The fighter pilot podcast
Penns Sunday school
Chasin the racin
BBC inside science
The curious cases of Rutherford & fry
Crash bang wallop
Hacking humans
Motorsport magazine

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We have ways of making you talk. James Holland and Al Murray.
The Old Front Line. Paul Reed
Peter Hart’s Military History. Peter Hart.
History Extra
Home Brew History
Mentioned in Despatches. Dr Tom Thorpe
The Great History Hack. Alexandra Churchill
All Stations. RAFBR/Victoria Taylor
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Hugh Kier has a brilliant series of podcasts on his website.

A wide variety of guests and military-themed topics. Excellent chats to while away a journey.


The dollop

A great take on history by two stand ups (the have even done a UK history mini series too

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