Podcast - Conflict Chronicles

For your listening pleasure, a podcast capturing global stories from those who have served in a conflict zone. No politics, no opinions, just their stories. The podcast is on all major channels (Apple, Spotify, Amazon, etc)

Lastest Espodie (014) is former Royal Marine, Mark Ormrod MBE. Stepping on an IED!

The primary intent of this podcast is to provide the human side of conflicts for a civilian audience. Through this storytelling, barriers and misconceptions can and will be broken down, helping veterans transition (with their immense skills and experience) back into the civilian world.

Conflict Chronicles has been fully funded by the host; it is not the host’s intent to earn a living from this podcast, merely to make it sustainable. The team has direct experience of large-scale charities and is not seeking to replicate any aspects of those, merely to promote veterans, their charities, and activities to a civilian audience.