Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by seenmybaseball, Dec 5, 2008.

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  1. Hi all,

    Anyone out there complete or know much about the PODC? What does in involve doing? I've also seen the joining instructions, and it seems like I have to change the way I dress completely. How true is this?

    Cheers for any help!
  2. Clues in the title mate. Potential Officer Development Course. Officers dress in their own little way, so a tom will possibley have to start buying bergandy cords and pink polo shirts.

    I nearly went on it, but then chose not to go officer, and carry on a different path.

    3 months, Worthy Down, lots of culture and exposure to the broadsheets. You will cover a bit of English so you can write good england, usefull for SJARs and other reports and paperwork you will have to do as a Commisioned Officer.

    Bit of leadership development, some hints for RCB (or AOSB is it now-?) I think each syndicate has to deliver a press breif at teh start of each day.

    You´ll also have a fair few "socialising" events.
  3. So what route did you go down instead?

    What do you mean my a press brief each day?

    I need all the help I can get a writing good England! :?
  4. press breif, you read the papers then prepare a summary for the rest of the course.

    In this way you enhance your knowledge on current affairs.

    They are pretty big on guided discussions about various bits and bobs, not sure what is current but you could probably figure on talking about "women on the front line" or similar hot potatoes.

    When I was to do mine, I attended a Royal Signals Leadership Course just prior, RSLC is supposedly quite heavily based on PODC, but without the culture side. we talked about homosexuals in the Army, as at the time it was just about to all change.

    Just be ready to stand by what you say, ie if you say "women should-shouldn´t be allowed on the frontline" be prepared to be called on it.

    Like I say though, my knowledge is probably not as good as others on this matter. Have you thought about posting this in the Officers forum?

    There may be those who prowl such a forum who have already been on the course, I doubt ACF and OTC will know much about the course.
  5. Thanks. I have posted that in the Officers forum too.

    I used the "women in the front line" in my AOSB Briefing!