POD to announce super-regiment plan on BFBS?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Dec 10, 2004.

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  1. Two quotes from a piece in the Herald about the Black Watch heading for home:

  2. Hackle,
    The oxygen-thief Ingram has already dropped large hints over the Fort George change of use. With a loss-rate sometimes approaching 30% for recruits at Catterick, it makes sense. When the Scottish recruits were trained at Glencorse, the failure rate was closer to 11%.

    I've made some discreet inquiries and BFBS has a slot booked for POD on Monday.
  3. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    It would be nice if POD announced something on BFBS, but..

    1. Would anyone be listening to BFBS?

    2. Some slime ball unaccountable 'Special Adviser' in the MOD is more than likley to leak the announcement in advance anyway to one of his New Labour chums on the Guardian.
  4. claymore, Roger! Both points v interesting. I think you mentioned Fort George some time ago? Fort George would be a good move as long as the training facilities are up to scratch - I suspect some investment would be needed to supplement what is already there. Assuming that the training establishment is based within the Fort itself, it raises the interesting prospect of the "barracks" aspects of training being conducted in the presence of the public. Not a bad thing IMO.
  5. Hackle,
    People like Clive Fairweather, a former Scotdiv staff officer(and a lot more besides)has always maintained that training recruits close to home is a morale-multiplier. When he ran Glencorse, he staged "parents' days" and claims it helped encourage waverers to hang in and complete their basic training.
  6. I agree with that. A few years ago I had to stage through a Bundeswehr barracks used for training conscripts, and I was impressed to see a well organised parents' day in progress.
  7. [quote="hackleI agree with that. A few years ago I had to stage through a Bundeswehr barracks used for training conscripts, and I was impressed to see a well organised parents' day in progress.[/quote]

    You know it makes sense, as they say. Probably a good reason why it won't happen. :wink:
  8. Expect an anouncement in the week starting 13 Dec.

    Can we expect photos to be taken of the decommissioned Regiments and Battalions, in line with Ian Paisley's calls for exactly that with regard to IRA de-commissioning??
  9. I've just been contacted by a regimental HQ to say the announcement will be made on Wednesday after PM's question time in the HoC, although it could even be delayed until Thursday by something called a "Prime Minister's intervention". Never heard of it before. Anyone know what the feck's going on? It all seems to have changed in the last few hours. Whatever's going on, apparently POD's kicking furniture all over his office.
  10. I'm happy that Fort George is sourced as being the venue for training ALL Scottish recruits (not, apparently, just infantry). I believe the barracks were modernised some time in the 1990s. There are ranges just outside the Fort good for all shooting up to and including Stage 3 (forgive me, I don't know what the current terminology is - it's been a long time) and of course Barrybuddon isn't too far away though I should imagine "Battle Camp" will still involve the treck down to Otterburn.

    Either way it's a shot in the arm for the Army in Scotland not to mention the local economy but most of all the recruits' standard of training and retention/wastage. I wish the "Powers That Be" would listen to more of what Clive has to say.
  11. The area in and around Fort George would be very suitable for training as there are plenty of nice quiet country roads around for marches etc. Its also very handy for adventure training, especially with JSMTC in Kingussie/Newtonmore, the Isle of Skye and the Cairngorms being nearby.

    Also use could also be made of Cameron Barracks in Inverness and even Gordon Barracks in Aberdeen. Not too sure what would happen about MQ's for the pads though as a lot of them were sold off to the council and a local housing association after "Options for Change".
  12. Well, apparently the answer to the above question is "Not today although it was going to be".

    Unless anyone knows different?

    According to this story, POD has been kicking furniture all over his office. (Metaphorically I hope, not nice to think of those chairs getting damaged.)

    From today's Hootsmon, by James Kirkup, Political Correspondent, the link is http://news.scotsman.com/index.cfm?id=1421662004 Includes a Tim Collins quote, always popular.

  13. Hackle,
    POD's been re-booked for BFBS for Thursday afternoon.I understand the Parly announcement on the regiments will come on Wednesday if it's 'good" news, or Thursday if it's 'bad". Looks like Downing Street's still not made up its mind and is sticking its paws into the mix. Can confirm CGS not a happy badger. :D
  14. Many thanks, claymore. I always half expect someone calling themselves "sporran" or "kiltpin" to turn up in these exchanges.

    May try to listen to BFBS on Thursday. For those outside BFBS reception area, last time I checked they did have a website link but servers not very powerful and might not stand up to the collective might of arrse members.

    "CGS not a happy badger" conjures up an image which will unfortunately stay with me a long time.