POD On Radio 4 this morning.

And coming out with some interesting figures. He was stateing that for infantry battalions the average length between tours in 18 months. I find this hard to belive. As fo other arms he could only stste that it was 'A bit shorter than that', without allowing himself to actually say 'Well other arms are often doing 6 months on and 6 months off until hell freezes over'
He also said that the cuts; sorry 'Enhancements', were so that all units had their time between tours increased.
Surely the easy solution to this would be to recruit more personell for other arms? But this goes agianst the Dear Leaders and his cheif bean counters wishes as they need to savings to pay for day centers and extra benefits for one legged lesbian gerbils.
New Zealand here I come methinks.
Speedy said:
And coming oiut with some interesting figures. He was stateing that for infantry battalions the average length between tours in 18 months.
Not as hard to believe as a certain Field Hospital that's just been warned off that it's being mobilized for the second time in 12 months!

When are you journos that obviously read this site going to ask the pertinent questions about what is "average", and reporting on the massive over-stretch in the army? When are you going to start reporting about the TA units where over 30% of their effective soldiers are leaving because they have been mobilized for Telic 1 AND subsequent ops either in Iraq or other theatres such as Boz AND have been warned to expect back-fill deployments to other theatres currently in planning?

There are wider implications:

Businesses that go bust or struggle because key staff are being mobilized more frequently than employers (and the TA members) were led to believe;

The effects on the NHS as FH's get mobilsed time and time again because the defence medical services have been decimated;

The effects on family life of regular and TA soldiers who are constantly on a rotation of deployments

This so called re-org has little to do with efficiency and everything to do with penny pinching. Fewer soldiers WILL NOT lead to "more boots opn the ground" but more constant deployments to cope with the loss in numbers, increased numbers of soldiers leaving early, and massive problems retaining the very experience an army relies upon for effective leadership.

how can you journos be so damn short sighted?
He also said that 20% of the army was commited to operations at any one time.
He did not add that whilst 20% are deployed a further 20% have just returned and 20% are in training to replace them.
The remaining 40% are either sick or on course.
It's amazing what not mentioning other figures can do to make things seem better.
He was lost for words for a few seconds - I think the mouth was trying to say "overstretched" but he managed to grope for "hectic" in the end. He didn't deny interference from Downing Street either.
He certainly has the face for radio!


Speedy said:
And coming out with some interesting figures. He was stateing that for infantry battalions the average length between tours in 18 months. I find this hard to belive.
Sadly that's about right. But that is the average, and does not reflect (a) the burden for infantry on TELIC has fallen mainly to the armoured and mech brigades, which would already have had OCP tours to fill, therefore the average is skewed and (b) backfill of companies from one unit into another, and then 'donor' unit being pinged for a subsequent.
If anyone missed PODs interview on Radio 4 and you have access to armynet there is a link there (www.armnet.mod.uk).

On overstretch and figures, CGS Bleating Team came to us recently and said that less than 18% of the army was committed to Ops. Funny enough, after a couple of searching questions from the audience that jumped to 24% of the deployable (field) army and with downgraded soldiers/courses etc that magically became 28-30%.

Seems not just TCH and TB are masters of spin.
No one has mentioned all the extra senior officers we have. I recall a thread that informed us the Army has hundreds of additional one star and above, beyond requirements.

Are these senior officers being made redundant ?
All this stems from That Thing Brown and Bliar`s refusal to stand up to him.

Is the Teasurer aware of a major newsworthy event that occurred on Sept 11th 2001, not to mention all the international unpleasantness that has kicked off since?

The US have vastly increased their defence budget in the last few years. If HMG are going to send us all off to war whenever somebody somewhere does something vaguely unethical (apart from knocking up somebody else`s wife) then they could at least fund us sufficiently.

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