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Has anyone got a skooby about what all the pockets and pouches on the PLCE are for ? I know about the obvious ones like side pouches but what are the , a. little one on the front of the bergan, b. the pocket on top of the lid of the bergan and c. the pocket inside the lid of the bergan.
dont worry have gone mad or anything ,just sat here in front of me monitor with me brain in neutral and finger up bum mode,


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Mate, I know. Difficult stuff. The pocket on the outside of the top lid of bergen is for anything you need to get to quickly, so you don't have to go rummaging around in the other bigger pouches. Some people keep their Mars Bars in it, I keep a small first aid kit and any spare maps. The little one on the front of the bergen, is to put your wet swimming trunks and flipflops in - if you put them in the main part of the bergen all your other kit will get wet. The pocket on the inside of the top flap is for your own personal stuff (wallet, phone, etc). If you have to leave your bergen lying around somewhere no-one else will think to look in there.
I often find that the pouch on the inner side of the lid :? . is ideal for placing my jazz mags and i have also discovered that the pouch on the front is a perfect size for my two football socks when they get a bit damp during a basha bashing sess :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: . hope this helps :wink:

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