PocketComms discount for ARRSE members

Discussion in 'Forces Discounts' started by POGscribbler, Apr 30, 2008.

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  1. Oh..... and while we are on the subject of discounts I got 10% off a Burger King meal for Mrs PoGs and me, on asking (mainly out of curiosity) and showing my MOD 90...........

    Cool :D

  2. Your site seems to not want to honour the discount code.

    Will it take a while to register or something?
  3. Cheers freedomman

    Was just about to post a correction on the ARRSE website: Promotional code

    should read ARRSE01E (with a zero and a one)

    with apologies


  4. Cheers mate, all sorted now.

    Sounds like a good idea for a thread - discounts available mit MOD90.....
  5. Also free entry to Household Cavalry Museum at Horseguards
    on flashing MOD90


  6. So speaking very loudly and pointing your rolled-up umbrella at johnny foreigner has gone out of fashion has it?
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  7. Unashamed BUMP.

    Ordered Wednesday afternoon, arrived Thursday AM.

    Great idea, well presented and made.

    Thoroughly recommended for lingo-biffs like me.

    Saying that, it looks a very useful tool for prompting key-words and basic ideas when learning....
  8. Can I have one with naked women in various poses so that the foreign women can understand what I want? :lick:
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  9. I notice the option with Military Pack includes an additional 155 drawings. Does this mean that any of the standard drawings are omitted from this option? Are the Military drawings included in the same item of equipment? Or do they come as a seperate, smaller item?
  10. I have to say, its a bloody good bit of kit, I have one and have even used it on the Edgware road!

  11. Funnily enough I have been considering a Stag or a Hen night version!!

    Imagine all those sticky situations that might arise whilst in Prague,Amsterdam or deepest blackpool.

    Excuse me, do you happen to have a pair of bolt-croppers?

    Yes officer I am naked and duct taped to this statue of Queen Victoria because......

    I would be obliged if you could direct me to the nearest, hospital,brothel,stripshow,locksmiths(delete as appropriate)

    the possibilities and applications are endless


  12. The military version has an additional 155-ish drawings attached.

    I saw no reason to penalise members of the forces for having too have a few extra pictures to help us do our job. (and yep I'm still serving).

  13. Was going to ask "What languages do they come in?" until I read it more closely.

    Good job I didn't, and saved myself endless abuse and embarrassment! :oops: :oops: :x

    Good idea, would have saved me a lot of trouble in Kosovo in 99, especially as we had been given Serbian phrase books to help us communicate with Koso-Albainians! Talk about rubbing salt in a wound. :evil: