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Hi all,

Im asking for some help here!
Im looking for a pocket watch to wear with my Mess Dress however i have no idea what sort of pocket watch to get and where i would get a decent one from without having to mortgage my mum out!!!

Cheers in advance!


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I have a General Service Time Piece (GSTP) by CYMA found it in my Grandmother's house. Has lasted for years without a service, keeps time perfectly. You can pick up a nice one on ebay for less than £50. They are also exceptionally Ally as an old issue piece of kit.

This one is nice:


and this one is mint but a little pricey:

I have a beauty made by John Dent 1878 one small problem inscribed Property of their Lordships of the Admiralty,my grandad nicked while serving as a navigator in the RN before WW1
On the night of the mess function:

1.Go the bathroom on your floor of the mess.

2.Remove plug from bath (with chain).

3.Attach chain to waistcoat with a sneeky FFD safety pin and tuck plug into waistcoat pocket.

4.After the function, replace.

Point to note: Do not get so drunk that you forget its not a real watch and attempt to give someone the time when asked.
MadPickleFarmer said:
I heard that you had to be a WO2 or above to be able to wear one?
Its in my Corp Memorandum (RE), or so the Comd Wing said on my SNCO Course!
I can't remember being told that on my RE SNCO course, I can't say anybody has got excited about me wearing one.

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