Pocket knife in basic training?

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After reading many different kit list threads, and having been sent 2 different kit lists, I dont know whether to take a knife or not?

I usually carry a small penknife as its just useful, but there seems to be a conflict of opinions on whether it makes good sense to take one to basic, or whether it will get you labelled as a nutter, and get taken off you.

I have a leatherman and was just going to take a small spyderco as well.

Thoughts, opinions and abuse please.
A small swiss army knife with a pair scissors in it can be useful.
Don't take anything huge/rambo-esque and you should be fine. I get by with a small 2.5" bladed pocket knife - it's all I've ever really needed at work.
Buy a big Rambo knife, minimum 8in long with lots of extras (catapult, survival kit in hilt etc).

Tape to your webbing yoke, upside down.

Your Section Cdr will be awestruck and leave you alone as he realises your potential.
I would also take a small housewife if you can find one

A small model Opinel , cost about £7.00 ,good quality blade , not the end of the world if you loose/break it.

PS you can open food cans with them and most importantly they are excellent for flicking off bottle tops.
A leather an will be perfect; unless it's a gay 'wave'! Although I am slightly perturbed you always carry a knife with you, unless you live in Toxteth, Moss Side, or some equally crap earlier in the Sarf!

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You can't go wrong with a small pocketknife mate, scissors good as well but for the love of God, make sure you're equipped to take a stone out of a horse's hoof.
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