pocket guid to formula one 2008

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by predatorplus, Jan 8, 2008.

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  1. car launches so far:



    teams and drivers:
    Scuderia Ferrari: (1) Kimi Räikkönen (2) Felipe Massa.

    BMW Sauber F1 Team: (3) Nick Heidfeld (4) Robert Kubica.

    ING Renault F1: (5) Fernando Alonso (6) Nelson Piquet Jr.

    AT&T Williams: (7) Nico Rosberg (8) Kazuki Nakajima.

    Red Bull Racing: (9) David Coulthard (10) Mark Webber.

    Panasonic Toyota Racing: (11) Jarno Trulli (12) Timo Glock.

    Scuderia Toro Rosso: (14) Sébastien Bourdais (15) Sebastian Vettel.

    Honda Racing F1: (16) Jenson Button (17) Rubens Barrichello.

    Super Aguri F1: (18) TBA (19) TBA.

    Force India F1 Team*: (20) Adrian Sutil (21) TBA.

    Vodafone McLaren: 22** Lewis Hamilton 23 Heikki Kovalainen.

    *Force Indie F1, new team.
    ** Although the FIA entry list shows Lewis Hamilton as car 22, Ron Dennis has been quoted as saying that he will carry number 23 on his car.

    1 ING Australian Grand Prix: March 16
    2 Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix: March 23
    3 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix: April 6
    4 Gran Premio de España Telefónica: April 27
    5 Petrol Ofisi Turkish Grand Prix: May 11
    6 Grand Prix de Monaco: May 25
    7 Grand Prix du Canada: June 8
    8 Grand Prix de France: Cours June 22
    9 Santander British Grand Prix: July 6
    10 Großer Preis von Deutschland: July 20
    11 Magyar Nagydíj Hungarian GP: August 3
    12 Grand Prix of Europe: August 24*
    13 ING Belgian Grand Prix: September 7
    14 Gran Premio Santander d'Italia: September 14
    15 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix: September 28*
    16 Fuji Television Japanese Grand: October 12
    17 Sinopec Chinese Grand Prix: October 19
    18 Grande Prêmio do Brasil: November 2

    * new tracks:
    Singapore Street Circuit

    Valencia Street Circuit

    Rule changes:

    Bridgestone will be the official tyre supplier for the 2008-2010 seasons
    A standard Electronic Control Unit (ECU) supplied by McLaren Electronic Systems (badged as Microsoft)
    Gearboxes to last 4 Grands Prix, 5 place grid penalty for a gear box change
    Restrictions on the ability of the teams to change their aerodynamics during the season
    Restrictions on the ability of the teams to change their engines during and between the season(s)
    Rev-limited engines
    Traction control banned
    Improved cockpit protection
  2. Cow

    Cow LE

    1st race in March, thought they started later than that. Lets hope this season is better than last with all the Penalties and stuff.
  3. A like the idea of a more street circuits i hope they work as well as Monaco.
  4. and add to to tight street tracks, Singapore (one of the street races) will be at night
  5. That'll sort the men form the boys. Now all they need to do is revert back to a fully manual gearbox and getting wankered every weekend and it'll almost be like the good old days of Hunt the Shunt. :)

    Should be a good season this year so long as Ferrari don't bleat like school girls if it isnt going their way.
  6. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Another great season in the offing we hope!
  7. Any news if the cars will have lights or it will just be a well lit circuit.

    Lewis will have to watch out that some Singapore Chav doesn't take him on in his Kevved up Corsa.
  8. Update:
    Force India will confirm their 2008 driver line-up this weekend.
    take a sneek at their car, looks quite nice if you ask me, but i dont think it has what it takes to get far up the tables.

    Super Aguri are to launch their 2008 car at Barcelona’s Circuit de Catalunya next month. The SA08 will make its debut at the Spanish circuit on February 19.
  9. Force India previously Spyker F1 previously Midland F1 Racing previously Jordan Grand Prix. Eddies old team has changed hands more times than a slack tart at a Mess do.
  10. Maybe we should take over as team ARRSE. At least when we steal Ferrari's technical secrets we are dishonest enough to get away with it.
  11. Anyone watching A1GP?, Lost interest in F1 years ago when it became a procession.
  12. sounds good to me mate ARRSE-F1 sponsors? who would be our pit babes? sorry if this looks weird im testing my ps3 internet out
  13. None of the mob on this site, for Christ's sake, it's supposed to be a GLAMOUROUS sport, FFS.
  14. Tickets for the British GP booked and paid for, campsite with tent up on arrival, leccy hook up booked and paid for and only 400 yds from Becketts entrance, so all's fcuking great. Can't wait for July.

  15. I'm planning to book some tickets too. Before 31st Jan when after that, I believe prices go up.

    Having not been to the British GP before, anyone recommend a good place to sit? I know most of the really good places like Copse etc are sold out.