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Pocket Comms

Devised by a guy who was, apparently, psy ops in Afghanistan, Pocket Comms is a set of flash cards where two people with no common language can communicate.
As a coffin dodger I have a hearing problem that cannot be sorted by a hearing aid and I invested less than a tenner in getting a set. Tried them out on a Polish friend and they work for me.
Don't know if ex-Major Wyatt has got them into the military but they must be a help.


War Hero
Bought set for Mrs 12Volts, she is a teacher in a ethnically diverse school. 94% non English, 14 languages spoken. Very simple to use, needs to be for my wife, and typically makes you think why it hasn't been done before. The set is used every day with more staff buying them when they have experience of using them.


Just bought Pocket Comms for the OH as a "stocking filler" type birthday present. He's flipping through it, enthralled like a kid. He travels a lot for work and I'm sure it's going to be taken to work and shown around to his workmates.

Thank you Mr Wyatt, I wouldn't be surprised if some more orders come your way soon!


I know this is a bit of a thread resurrection, but they were mentioned in a thread elsewhere recently, which gave me the idea. I was lucky to get a set from Amazon.

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