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POC for Records when you have left the Reserves


War Hero

Help required.

Does anyone know if the Reserves issue you with the equivalent of a Red Book when you have left please, reason being i have been asked to provide a list of my Mil Quals by a CCF unit i am interested in joining.

i have called the SPOC who said to call JPAC, JPAC told me to email - APC-SP-DISCLOSURE2@MOD.UK but to date i have had no response from them

Is there someone else i should contact or should i just keep e mailing the above

Any help appreciated

Have a great xmass


War Hero
The email is not formatted correctly, try changing it to as at the moment it won’t be received by them.

The Reserves don’t issue a red book but your previous unit should be able to provide proof of the quals by date-tracking back on JPA.

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