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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by DB_Cooper, Jun 16, 2011.

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  1. Lads,
    I'm looking to mobilise for H16 but i have a few queries on pay that i need answers to before i commit myself and i don’t think my chain of command will be able to answer them, does anyone have a contact email or number of anyone at chillwell who would be able to help me i just don’t want to get to chillwell and then find out that they won’t cover my money.

    many thanks
  2. I've not long been through the J1 system at Chillwell (3 weeks ago). They didn't seem to have a problem sorting my pay from my normal job, TA and my own private company. pay was 12 months worth of pay statements/ certified accounts, expenses such as childcare was 3 quotes (not that I had that issue) and they took the lowest quote, their were a few claiming aid for a disabled relative they just needed medical certs and information on what they were claiming for.
    I personally found my PSAO was really good at helping me sort the information I needed to have present at Chillwell before I went.
  3. Same here mate, when I mobilised they were very good with pay and covered my civvie salary very nicely and that is well into six figures +.

    when your mobilised it a legal contract both ways so they have to cover your civvie earnings if they are more than your army earnings and mine were to 70K so shouldnt be any dramas
  4. many thanks for the advice lads but my pay query is not as straight forward as that, i wish it was so thats why i need to speak to some one in J1 at chillwell if anyone has any numbers or email.
  5. Just post the query here

    Enough grown ups to answer.
  6. 0115 957 2149, google, tis a wonderful thing
  7. That s for the J1 FTRS desks,you need 2151.
  8. many thanks guys i will give them a call on Monday

  9. ON NO ACCOUNT post your query here.
  10. ok lads many thanks for the help