POB briefing and interview

Discussion in 'Officers' started by sprint81, Aug 2, 2007.

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  1. I would greatly appreciate some impartial advice on what exactly to expect when I attend the POB (Post Officer Briefing Interview) in just under 2 weeks time..
    I phoned up the Brigadier and he said I needed to gather some information on a couple of regiments that I would be interested in joining .. I have done this namely the RAMC.. I have also researched the Origins of the Iraq war..
    Could anybody suggest any other topic areas I need to know ie current affairs, military operations etc..
    Im not really sure what is involved at this briefing as it is still only the Inital stage of the recruietment process .. ie to higlight whetehr I have the potential to attend the actual Officer briefing in Westbury
    any information would be greatly recieved

    Thanks :D
  2. What is this? I've never attended a "POB". Is this standard practice?
  3. Sounds to me like the interview you have with an ACA(O) before going to Westbury.
    And it's not a "Post Officer Briefing." Unless you've got confused, and think the Royal Mail hands out commissions.
    I think you'll find the "P" stands for "Potential."

    The interview is nothing to get worked up about.
    Use some common sense, and you'll get through.
  4. Oh, that one. Yes, that's a simple interview, you'd have to have serious problems to be held up at that stage. It's a meet and greet, with an element of the ACA(O) assessing you. It's nothing to worry about.
  5. here is what I did and it really wasnt enough should of done more

    right make sure your current affairs are mega
    -full list of cabinet members
    -5 international relations topics
    -5 domestic topics
    -reasons for important conflicts in history (Vietnam/WW2/WW1/Boer/Napoleonic)

    times tables(up to 13x13)
    speed distance time
    long division

    Personal History:
    where you were born (and why)
    where you have lived since then (know date of moves month and year!)
    Positions of responsiblity

    School records
    what results you got at school/uni
    If you didnt get As in everything standby to get thought of as retarded
    and reasons why you didnt go to Oxbridge!

    Hope this helps
  6. You make it sound hard!
    It's really not. It's a piece of p1ss. Just answer the questions.
    And you don't get thought of as retarded if you didn't get As. Unless we're talking about GCSEs...
    I think they're a bit more realistic these days about Oxbridge.
  7. thanks for ur help.. thought it wouldnt be as in depth as that though
  8. I think that red_phos was attempting to mislead our earnest sprint on purpose, the devil. ;)

    Ah well, now the cat's out the bag, it's really easy, you don't need to know masses, just why you want to join, what is required of a young Officer, and a bit of your own history (i.e. your results).
  9. thanks for all your responses...
    this is to Macks.. is it that in depth at at this early stage??????
  10. I have to say, very few of red_phos' questions came up on mine..

    Just turn up, be polite/charming, seem like a good egg, and have some background knowledge of the army, and you'll be fine.

    Watch what you say, though, as he/she will be taking notes which will go towrds your fam visits. An offhand 'hilariously witty' jest I made, was, when repeated verbatim by an unamused gunner officer at Larkhill, distinctly bellend-ish.
  11. Be yourself. It is a meet and greet.

    whilst you will probably be asked a lot of questions, please don't bullsh1t an answer, if you don't know, say so. Also remember is as much an oppotunity for you to get to know more about your prospective career as it is for them to know a bit more about you. So have a couple of (sensible) questions lined up.
  12. MY BOLD

    oh cheers for that!

    we could of had a right laugh!

    Right ok then I come clean my PO interview may not have had quite as many questions directed towards the Boer war or exactly why I didnt study theoretical Physics at Oxford (or indeed why I was born!!!!)

    however it was a bit testing at times. that is the truth.

    At one point I was asked a couple of maths questions, leading up 17x18 :?

    but the creme de la creme for me was being asked 'who painted the Sistne chapel?'
    A: eh.....Michealangelo???...

    To which the interviewing officer then said (in the most dismissive tone) NO...Da Vinci!

    I felt like a right prat, a totally uncultured ogre. However I was RIGHT

    the bloke didnt even know the answer to his own question!!!!!
  13. Oh boll0cks, I always ruin these things.
    Sorry chaps, we'll wait for the next one...
  14. I was asked who designed St. Paul's Cathedral. It's not a very difficult question but at the time all I could think of was Ren & Stimpy so I just said nothing and tried to look as though I was just having difficulty recalling the name. I don't think Lt Colonel xxx was very bothered but he might have been if I'd said what I was actually thinking.

    This was probably one of those occasions where 'better to keep your mouth shut and thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt' applied.
  15. LMAO! Were only this were a question asked... betcha a humor book of responses could be made. :D