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On the 15th of June between 10am and 4pm My husband (Goldwingtaffy) and I are going to the Asemmbly Rooms in Norwich as part of the Carers awareness day, we have been invited to have a stall for Combat Stress as they have thier own carers group (Just for us). As a carer myself I am to aware of the strain of looking after someone with a Mental Illness, and I have seen first hand what wonderful work they do helping ex-services, all only by monies donated.

Goldwingtaffy suffers from PTSD and is a client of Combat Stress, he is also doing a sponsered walk to try and raise funds for Combat Stress and awareness to plight of ex-service personnell with mental illnesses and the affects it has on other family members and friends.

We would like to get as many people to come and to support as possible due to the fact very little is known about this Charity and how hard they work to help the ex-services, so the more monies and awareness we can bring all for the better.

So if it is at all possible it would be great to see some of you come and support us.

Kindest Regards

If you're in the area guys and gals, this is well worth supporting if you have five minutes.

Lee Shaver
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