"Poacher gets caught in gin trap"

During his last visit to Saudi Arabia, Dick Cheney was told that the Saudis would be most unpleased if the U.S. moved out of Iraq leaving the Sunnis vulnerable.
It was made clear to Dick that if the U.S. did such a thing the Saudis would enter to help their Sunni brothers against what they see is the growing Iranian backed Shiites.

Of course no matter how much America would like to get out of the place it must by now be bitterly regretting entering in the first place it can't leave behind a vacuum into which other forces move and begin to fight.

So It is contemplating a surge of troops to deal with the Sadr army.
But the Iraqi prime minister is against this as he considers Sadr as a valid political block in Iraqi politics.
So America has to avoid falling out with the Iraqi government it has installed and trumpeted.

But it must be seen by the Saudis to be protecting the Sunnis.
It looks like America might become the referee in a civil war whether it likes it or not.

Is the Poacher now caught in a gin trap?

Surely the Sadr Army is the cause of so much of the sh1t going on in Bagdad now.
The failure to deal with this force was one of the big mistakes of the first year of it's existance.
King George is doing all he can to WIN the war. He will not accept that he was wrong to invade a Iraq and like Hitler he doesn't care how many troops die or are mangled/tangeled, in an attempt to protect his Legacy and Halliburtons 'Hard' earned billions.
George I reputedly did not take Sadam out in 91 when the Saudis said that the presant 'unrest' would have happened then.
Trying to take out Sadr at this point in time, no matter how tempting it might appear, would only cause more problems.

First Malaki would rightly percieve his position to be undermined and more of the Iraqi population who already are sick of occupying forces constantly and often destructively meddling in Iraqi affairs would get more angry leading to a greater mutation of the insurgancy.

The Iraqi government itself might then join with the insurgency leading to, as I expect to happen at sometime, a civil war breaking out inside the green zone itself!

What is becoming increasingly clear is this war is turning into some new terrible kind of madness.
A war where no sence of any kind prevails.

What we are now creating in Iraq is a bloodfest in a loony bin.

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