Poached or fried?


Anyone here got connections with / responsibility for recruitment (when i say recruitment, i mean poaching) of aircrew into the AAC from other arms / services?

If so, get in touch, 'cos i fancy a bit of it.  
If so, get in touch, 'cos i fancy a bit of it.  
Everybody fancies a bit of the Light Blue Lovegods ;D
What service you coming from?
Lord Flasheart can speak from experience, he was once filth, that saw the light ;D
Glad you explained that as I wouldn't have had a clue! ::)

I'll have a word at work tommorrow and try and get a number or two for you.

SH poof or SARboy w*nker?
Here's a question...is it worse to be a Rock Ape or a "Rocket-Man" from the arty? Both are disliked within their own fraternities and looked down on while the organisatiosn that they belong to are generally viewed in wide distaste by the army, and neither seem to have friends outside of their own units.

Tough one to call that, kindred spirits perhaps?
Nothing wrong with being Ex Rock.......

(anyone got any germaline for my knuckles.....?)